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the last puzzle piece
Tuesday April 10th 2007, 10:51 pm
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the room was spinning. i fell on the fuck bed in the dark. i laid there wearing what i believe was a tight t-shirt and panties. i closed my eyes to gain baring on the dizzy effect. i was full blown inebriated and for once this weekend i had a smile on my face. my back faced the door and i felt his hands pull me on to my back. i let him move me to how he pleased and his hand groped at my cunt and breasts. he pulled my shirt off without care and my panties were tugged off equally so.

my mind was a blur yet i felt every touch, every inch and his skin upon mine was heaven to my arousal. each piece of me was detached, my mind, my body and my sounds. my mind whirled as the sounds that came from my mouth were so noticeable to me. i was being louder then my normal self and when he pushed between my legs i let a loud gasp anticipating his cock inside of me.

i felt a thrust of him entering me and i felt so complete and whole. it had been so long and i clung to him with urgency and need. i held on to him with my nails and wrapped my legs around him. i felt every inch of him move in and out of me slowly. i pushed up against him trying to get all of him inside of me.

“turn over,” he tells me before pulling out and i stumble on to my hands and knees. i feel his hands grip my hips and push back into where he belonged. i couldn’t help myself as i  pushed back against him hard and fast. i was frantic and out of control as i moved off and on him like a starving slut.

“slow down,” he hisses at me as he puts a halt to my fierce fucking while digging his fingers into my soft flesh. i stop and let him fuck me as i pant and groan. i don’t want him to stop, it had been so long and i didn’t want this to end any time soon. i needed him, i ached for him and i wanted my fill.

“get on top and fuck me,” he whispers as he pulls out of me and lays on his back. i crawl on top of him, grab his cock and push my cunt down on to his hardness. my wetness is unbelievable as i hear wet flesh collide as i rock back and forth on his cock. his hands grope and slap at my tits and my nails dig into his stomach. i look down at the shadow of him in the darkness and almost feel like i am going to fall off of him. i close my eyes and feel my clit rubbing against him as his cock fills my insides perfectly. i thrust and jerk on top of him as my movements start to shudder and erupt. almost, almost and i feel it mounting, i feel it climbing, almost, almost. i suck in a deep breath of air as it shakes inside of me and a smile forms on my face as i come with a surge of happiness filling my body and spilling out of me. i see stars in the black room and i fall against his chest. i lay there gasping for air still smiling, it has been a very long time that my orgasm gave me a sense of happiness and near laughter versus the repeated tears. my nose against his flesh i could smell him the soap, the deodorant…him.

now i feel whole again. now i feel nothing is missing. but now i need him back inside of me. i need that last piece.

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Seeing stars…I have to think back to remember the stars, bright and beautiful in the darkness. And Damn, how I love the sound of my wet pussy and The Biker’s hard cock together. Even right now I am able to hear it, feel it…

Thanks, Gracie, for bringing back nice memories of last night. Ahhhhh.

well i am glad to bring you such nice things. *wink*

i always look forward to reading you in the mornings. you always put me in deep thought on my drive into work. it’s a long drive too…too long.

Comment by The Teacher 04.11.07 @ 7:12 am

I love that feeling. That wonderful happiness that a much needed orgasm can bring. Oh and I so understand you need that one last piece from him.. to complete your happiness… I love that part too.

yes, it is always a little sad when he leaves me. i hate that. it is hard for me to savor it. i miss it almost immediately.

just like i ache again.

Comment by Mina 04.11.07 @ 8:19 am

I might have to stop visiting until I see lady L again, sheesh, you got me all going and going, the rocket is out on the launch platform but I don’t have the launch codes!!! whew. god I love those moments.

just kidding about the not visiting bit. wouldn’t miss it.

Arty you make me laugh with your comments.

you know i have those launch codes. *wink*

for some reason i am compelled to say….”pour some evil on me.” *evil grin*

Comment by ArtfulDodger 04.11.07 @ 3:55 pm

you insatiable girl. very gripping post, I could almost smell his skin too.

so insatiable….yes.

he smells good when he wants to. *wink*

Comment by Bad Bad Girl 04.12.07 @ 9:47 am

oh, i bet your launch codes are very cryptic. *winky*

Arty you should know me by now….”G-O”


i am tooo easy.


Comment by ArtfulDodger 04.12.07 @ 3:08 pm

Very hot! I love to be on top. I have the most outrageous orgasms that way.

I’m in the mood for a little domination myself now. All reved up with no place to go. Thanks Grace – You tease!


why thank you Her!!

me a tease? heh..ok.

on top is the best way to come. hee hee.

Comment by Desire X 04.13.07 @ 6:30 am

I love the alacrity, the urgency of it all, the coming together of needs, desires, emotions, it’s quite a beautiful thing…

thank you tom for my vocabulary word for this week. *wink*

Comment by Tom 04.13.07 @ 2:45 pm

Yay for sex at last! This is how sex feels to me when it’s been so long. It’s all the more vivid, savored, cherished. You feel everything more. Though I still would prefer to have it often… 🙂

oh yes chris…more often. please…damn i said please. *wink*

Comment by Chris 04.13.07 @ 10:04 pm

I could feel the desire oozing out of my screen.. Mmmmm ..
I hope he doesn’t make you wait *too* long for the next session.

no, he didn’t make me wait too long.

Comment by Dirty Thirty 04.15.07 @ 2:08 am

delicious post… very detailed and enticing.

thank you and thank you for stopping by to say hi.

Comment by warlock 04.15.07 @ 7:38 pm

Damn, girl, you write a good game.

I’m still panting… I was holding my breath in a near-peaking-orgasm kind of way without realising it.

Nice to have met you. Consider yourself linked.

Juno x

awww thank you. i have linked back to you.

thank you for stopping by. it is always nice to see new faces.

Comment by junohenry 04.16.07 @ 11:59 pm

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