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the key (ii)
Wednesday April 18th 2007, 6:14 pm
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i stopped talking for a moment and smiled with warmness at him.

“g-grace,” he said in a tone that was very questioning and unsure. he looked at me in all seriousness but nothing came out of his mouth beside the quiet blurting of my name.

i starred at him with a smile on my face, “shall we?” i got up from my chair and started to head towards the elevators.

“g-grace, you forgot your key,” he said scrambling to catch up with me and holding out the key in my view.

i stopped in my path and glanced at my watch. “yes, we will be needing that. will you hold on to it for me?” i gave him another grin, i could see the mix of confusion and slight intrigue.

“grace…,” he blurted out again.

“yes, i am well aware of my own name. now let’s catch this one before we have to wait, you know i hate to wait.” i rushed towards the opening doors. he followed me with a bit of hesitation. i pushed the floor number and up we went. i leaned against the shiny, polished wall and observed his nervousness. he was tapping the key card on his open palm and every so many taps would hit ever so nicely against his ring. i smiled as i watched the card tap, tap. he was watching the lights flicker from number to number.

“i think we need to talk…”, he said once he noticed i was watching him and wrapped his hand around the key.

“there is absolutely nothing to talk about. you trust me don’t you?” my face was straight and confident.


“good, this is our stop.” as i walked through the opening doors and down the hallway.

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My favorite part- not there yet, but on the way. The impetus to continue, with the ability to walk away, stomach clenched with regret.

Comment by Liras 05.02.07 @ 11:26 am

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