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the intensity
Thursday March 01st 2007, 7:48 am
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he forced himself inside of me as i was huffing and puffing. i saw the dark outline of his shadow and closed my eyes. it only took a few invasions of his cock for me to be wet. his mouth enveloped my nipple tugging and sucking on it for his own entertainment. he was barely making audible words that i could not make out.

then i heard, “i love you.”

i almost froze, perhaps i did. instinctually i replied with, “i love you.” we weren’t making love and i was confused.

“i love you.”

i answered again, “i love you.”

his hand was traveling up my skin and so easily wrapped around my neck. he didn’t tighten as his hand would move away and back again as if he was making a decision. he made the right one as he came back up to wrap around snug as his other hand joined as he started to choke with his cock moving in and out. i felt myself come around him two times as my nails dug into his back.

“get on top.”

he pulled out of me and fell to his back. i crawled on top of him and pushed my cunt down on his cock without the guidance of a hand. it had been so long. i fucked him to a pace i could maintain, it wasn’t eager and it wasn’t slow. i closed my eyes again and images flashed in my brain, i couldn’t focus on anything.

“you’re a good girl.”

again i almost froze. sure he talks to me, but not like this.

“you’re my good girl.”

i was going to lose it. i felt myself panting and coming all over his cock. i felt my wetness seeping beneath me. this hasn’t happened before. this was different. he kept repeating various versions of the line and i would respond with “fuck”, “shit”, “goddamn”. i was on top of him for such a long time i contemplated frustration from not having my usual eruption of an orgasm. i kept fucking him and i pulled back completely upright and on top of him. it was coming like a tease. an image popped in my head, a man fingering me as he bent me over to plug my ass as i pushed his cock in my mouth. i started to come at that thought and it erupted out of me with desperation. i didn’t cry but it felt like a slice of heaven for just a few seconds as i laid against him digging my nails into whatever flesh i could find.

i tried to keep riding him again for several minutes after my orgasm. i knew he wanted me to have another, but i just couldn’t give him that. it felt like it was sitting right there teasing but it wouldn’t give me the satisfaction of release.

he pulled me off of him and laid me beside him. his hand went between my legs and within seconds i was coming again. i felt my body was in a million heavy weightless pieces. when i moved it felt like the rest of my body was slowly trying to catch up with the rest.

his hand went back inside of me.

“you’re mine.”


“you are mine.”

“y-yes.” i felt fear as he growled these words into my ear.

his fingers still working inside of me.

“will you die for me?”


“will you kill for me?”


“will you steal for me?”


“will you fuck for me?”


“will you cum for me?”

“y-yes.” i came as he hissed his questions at me. my body was pinned against the head board as my arm some how contorted to grip the head board as he questioned me. i came so hard my body was shaking and i was still gripping the head board as he got up from the bed. i laid there panting with my black hair draped in my face. i didn’t move, i didn’t shift, i just shook. after several minutes my hand fell from the head board by my side.

just when i thought this was over, when my body couldn’t possibly take anymore as i still sat with my hair covering my face. he walks back in and i am assuming with a skip to his step with my new toy. i can barely shift my body into a reasonable position, yet i do not whimper with “enough” like i had in the past. i hear him turning on and i see flashes of light as it goes in and out of me. it is thicker and longer then the first rabbit. i lay there limp and shaking as he causes me to jerk every few strokes. the flashes of light bouncing in the room made me curious but not curious enough to ask. he seemed to be enjoying it. he laid his hand flat on above my cunt as he would work the vibrator against my clit, in and out. it is such a sensation of so many acts. i kept jerking and i felt paralyzed to even move or object.

he pulled out the new toy and i saw the area that had the rotating shaft was lighting up. i smiled at the surprise. i was not aware of such a feature. i can’t wait to use that one all by myself. this toy was compliments of

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Oh my, happiness is pleasing the woman you love. Very well written and evocative, oh baby. 😉

And that snap thing over the link is pretty darn cool, hadn’t seen that before.

thank you sweet sweet art! it was such a strange “session”. that man of mine keeps things interesting that is for certain.

yeah the snap thing came with wordpress. rocks huh? *wink*

i am strong advocate for wordpress. i heart wordpress!!!

Comment by ArtfulDodger 03.01.07 @ 3:08 pm

I think this is the most intimate and sensual session you’ve ever written. I love his words and your honest shock at them. It was a great session; I loved reading it! And may I say, I still really want a rabbit.

thank you chris. it really was memorable. i kept reflecting on it all day today. it really was a surprise to me.

my darling…you so need a rabbit. i cannot stress it enough. *wink*


Comment by Chris 03.01.07 @ 5:49 pm

I love how you capture the very intensity about which you write. This got my heart beating faster, got the blood flowing, absolutely splendid!

thank you Tom. i always enjoy it when i can move someone physically. i only hope one day i can get it so they can actually “be there.”


Comment by Tom 03.02.07 @ 5:26 am

Being taken verbally as well as physically is soooo hot.

Work that buzzin’ bunny girl!

mmmmmm i so crave that again. i almost expect it now. i just hope he “figured” it out.

i know now how you broke that damn thing. i know my day is coming…

miss you,

Comment by Bunny Lebowski 03.02.07 @ 12:25 pm

mmmm. I have been so preoccupied I have not had my daily fix of you. I have missed it.

i know B, i hope things are going well for you. i have been rather occupied in good ways and bad ways.

soon i’ll bite you again.


Comment by Bad Bad Girl 03.02.07 @ 9:23 pm

I like the way you recounted the conversation. Die for Me, Kill for me, Steal for me, Fuck for me, Cum for me….indeed!

mmmm i swear he was so poetic at that point. i love him for that. his words were so memorable that night.


Comment by The Fury 03.03.07 @ 7:05 am

What’s so great about WordPress? I mean I am just wondering why the first commenter of this post loves WordPress so much.
It’s good enough right, but what makes it any better?

actually, i love wordpress.

like anything in life it is a matter of personal preference.

i had been blogging on blogger for over a year and it was becoming less “forward” in my opinion. sure wordpress has its drawbacks but for me i used to have two other web site accounts to handle my traffic and blog rolls. with wordpress they compressed these features into their service. not to mention they are always adding new features such as “Snap”.

do you have a blog? i would like to see it.


Comment by slavekitty 03.04.07 @ 10:34 am

Thanks for the insight, i had a blog but i deleted it, i used blogger often because it seemed easier. Lately though i have been noticing the difficulty editing posts on that site. Plus it seems like the pages take forever to load these days. I might switch.

*well i thought i deleted it, but anyway don’t take it too seriously if you can access it.*

i popped over to your blog. it is interesting how you wrote some of you entries.

OH right, that was the other annoying thing about blogger was the update blog thing. ugh. wordpress doesn’t do that. once you post, it’s posted.

so are you master-less currently?

Comment by slavekitty 03.04.07 @ 11:37 am

“so are you master-less currently?”

yes but i have my eye on someone
i’ll be reading here more often

good luck my dear. i hope to read about it.

Comment by slavekitty 03.04.07 @ 4:03 pm

Those haunting, probing words. Either they signal the beginning of something, or the death of another thing. Sometimes both.

Enjoy the trip, no matter what.

i am not sure what it could be a sign of. i just know that when i hear them i physically react to them. just the other day when he was fucking me he didn’t say anything. i wish he would talk to me more. perhaps i have to express this to him.

Comment by Liras 03.05.07 @ 5:23 am

Gracie better do these things for Evil or Evil will make Gracie beg for it!!! Hot juicey fire dick Momma!!! WhoHooOooO!!

mmmm Evil my dear i am so glad you stopped by. talk about begging…my dear i would no such things, so make me or give me a good reason to beg. *wink*

Comment by EvilDodger 03.05.07 @ 4:16 pm

Damn…this is hot stuff…

thank you.

Comment by The Player 03.05.07 @ 9:17 pm

Luv the intensity at 2am (sydney time), ideal bedtime story. Hot, like a heat bead in the stomach (or groin). rock on Grace

i need an afternoon story today. i have so much pent up tension that i feel i will explode.

Comment by Anastasia 03.06.07 @ 6:50 am

God, in my mind, there is nothing hotter than hearing “you’re a good girl.” I’m so fucking done at that point. I would have promised to do anything at that point as well. Lovely.

mmmm yes…i couldn’t agree with you more. which is why i reacted like i did when i heard him. mmmm just thinking about it now makes me “need”.

Comment by Aine 03.06.07 @ 9:18 am

Phenomenal writing! Lovely!!!

thank you and thank you for stopping by.


Comment by AndyT13 03.07.07 @ 1:26 pm

I love it when husband talks to me in bed. he doesn’t do it a lot but it is great!

mmmmm yes. i just wish it happened more often. i think he told me he didn’t want to sound “stupid”.

Comment by Dirty Filthy Princess 03.07.07 @ 5:18 pm

Very provocative!

thank you.

Comment by Jack Daniel's Rose 03.15.07 @ 3:26 am

Excellent, after some searching I found a UK suuplier of the , we’ll be back to let you know how we got on.

yes, please let me know.

Comment by Kate 05.22.07 @ 1:57 pm

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