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the intensity of rough
Friday August 18th 2006, 11:17 am
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sitting in the tub i was thinking about what just happened. i was almost conflicted with myself wondering why i did not say the safe word. did i want to say the safe word? for some reason it was not burning in my mind at the time. did i forget it the safe word? i never said stop, i never said no and yet tears streamed from my eyes afterwards. but, i did not want him to see me cry.

E’s response to me afterwards was very dominating and commanding.

“get in the tub.” i get in the tub and wash up while soaking. i had asked him if he was going to wash up with me.

“yes, stay in there”, he tells me. i am almost surprised at this kind of interaction. his voice stern and knowing. perhaps i was more comforted in this then him asking me nervously if i was okay and if we should “talk”.

the only thing E mentioned in regards to our session was asking me, “do you like sex that rough?” my response was, “yes.”

earlier i had gotten myself ready for some kind of play with E. he was late and i was still in need of catching up on some sleep.

when i first got home i expressed to him my need for him physically. it has been too long and i was so hungry to be used. before he left for practice i shoved my hand down his pants and fondled his cock before his friend showed up. i told him not to come home late…that i needed him.

of course i was being a bitch when he got home. he ripped the blanket that covered me off and revealed me in a thong. my immediate reaction was to push him away. he hovered over me, forced himself down on me and overpowering me. he pulled me up by my arms twice and shoving me back into the bed. he pushed my face sideways with one hand while forcing two fingers inside my cunt with the other. i groaned and clenched my cunt around him. i was wet immediately and he called me a “fucking whore”.

my legs were spread so cheaply and hungrily. i was no longer fighting him. i was submitting to his control. he shoved three fingers inside my mouth and told me to bite down. he kept telling me to bite harder as he so easily shoved my dildo inside my drenched cunt. i groaned with his fingers deep inside my mouth as he starred at me, fucking me with another cock. i could feel the bed soaking beneath me as he pounded violently at my cunt. i would clench and tighten to keep him from hitting my cervix, but i gave up and let him beat away at my cunt.

he pauses to get a scarf down from the wall. wraps it viciously around my neck and immediately pulls. i gasp and i grow dizzy. my eyes flutter and just when i feel i am going to pass out he slaps my face awake. he lets ups the scarf and pulls tightly again. i feel juices flooding from my cunt.

“grab the scarf with both hands!” he demands. i grab both ends of the scarf inside where his hands are placed.

“pull it tight!” he hisses. i do not hesitate and i pull. he continues finger fucking my cunt till my back arches upward. my pulls are not as strong as his, but it gets the job done.

pulling the scarf from both of my hands, he yanks me upward. i am standing with my back to him and he shoves my head right in the wet spot on the bed. i breathe in my sweet smell and feel the wetness on my face. i feel hard unforgiving smacks to my ass. i yelp in pain and he keeps telling me what a fucking whore i am. i feel a belt take to my ass and i cry out.

he grabs my hips and positions himself behind me. i feel his cock force inside me. i feel my cunt drench around him.

“make your cunt tight!” he snarls. i do as i am told. i tighten around him as he thrusts in and out of me. i can feel myself drench around his cock a second time. my juices running down my thighs.

without warning he pulls out of me and shoves the dildo back inside me roughly and deep. i pull on to my hands and he grabs my at my breasts. i feel his finger sink inside my tight ass. i can hear him mumbling he should shove my plug into me raw. i am nervous and i feel a small amount of lube hit my asshole. he works his finger inside of me and it pulls out. i feel my plug push against my ass and he forces it inside of me. i yelp and cry as my head shoots back. the pain stings and my foot slaps nervously against his leg. my agony rings in the room as my pain is vocal. he gets the clue that something is very wrong and pulls out the plug. i fall over on to the bed and the tears stream. i gasp to catch my breath and my hair covers my eyes.

he spreads my legs giving my cunt a deep insert from his fingers. i come sending more juices on to the bed and down my ass. he pulls out and puts two fingers in my ass and fucks it gently. i think it was his way of making sure i was okay with this.

E pulls me up and asks, “are you ready for a shower?” i nod my head quietly and he walks off to start a bath.

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intensity is to overwhelm the body the senses any part of the spirit with something *beyond* that which we are aware. tears bubble up from wells of overarching emotion that transcend simple pain. it is the act of being touched, in a myriad of ways, from a myriad of perspectives. many times I have felt deep well-springs of unchecked intensity that burst forth, especially after deep sex, and by deep sex I mean the kind that penetrates further than the physical limits of our bodies, further than the corporeal walls that contain our personhoods. so, after the bath, have you an answer as to where the tears will flow?

Comment by anonym 08.18.06 @ 8:31 pm

anonym – i swear your words are just hypnotizing. just whisper that comment in my ear and i will tell you were my tears will flow.

Comment by Gracie 08.19.06 @ 1:26 pm

yes, I will whisper the words quietly in your ear, and as I do, I will let the tip of my tongue wander and taste just the edge of your ear meets your sweetly salty neck, and my lips will be obligated to follow, to suck, and then the teeth will come to nibble and then to bite the flesh of your pulse… and then, only then will you tell me what you want me to know…

Comment by anonym 08.20.06 @ 5:26 pm

anonym – you make my heart race. i would only love your mouth on my skin. doing that would make me tell you everything without hesitation. is that what you want my dear anonym? seducing the gracie who wants to dom her girls? i think i would let you control, because it seems because we could be so much alike. i would love to play the sub and dom when fucking myself. how about you lovely?

Comment by Gracie 08.20.06 @ 7:18 pm

u have just awakened me into harsh reality !

Comment by kindabiz 08.21.06 @ 9:39 pm

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