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the hour
Tuesday June 23rd 2009, 7:16 pm
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he had emailed me that he wanted me to spend my lunch on the phone with him. i pondered this for a few minutes only because it has been so long since we last talked. i wondered if his voice was going to make me want to come as it had so very many times in the past. i needed something to break up this week and i emailed him back with “ok” and my number since i was sure it was lost from his memory and phone.

i waited.
i waited.
i waited.

while i waited i watched porn. i hadn’t seen porn since i watched a really bad one with R. i knew when it was well past noon and heading towards 1:00pm that this call was not going to happen so i had to take matters into my own hands or hand to be specific. i shoved my vibrator down my panties and nestled it against my clit. i was soaking wet and i needed to come. i rubbed and pressed, rubbed and pressed. hoping with an ounce of hope that my phone would ring and i would be coming in his ear within seconds.

i pushed and slid the vibrator against my clit and without much warning i erupted crying out to the world pleading for a God. i panted and pressed the vibrator again forcing myself to come again and again.

it wasn’t the best nooner i have had but i couldn’t waste it once the flood gates were opened.

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This story makes me insanely hard.

Comment by ShowMeSecrets 02.21.10 @ 1:29 am

@SMS it’s just sad he never called. i really miss phone sex.

Comment by Gracie 02.21.10 @ 1:31 am

I miss it too. There’s just NOTHING quite like phone sex. The connection, the electricity, the instant response and gratification. The breathing. The moans. The familiarity of your own skin causing your orgasm, yet somehow at the hands of a partner. The closeness and the detachment….

Comment by ShowMeSecrets 02.21.10 @ 1:33 am

i agree. it’s all mental and that’s what makes it so special. to be able to get off without even being physically there.

Comment by Gracie 02.21.10 @ 1:34 am

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