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the grind
Saturday August 12th 2006, 8:54 am
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that time again for me to be experiencing “the curse”. however, E will lick me on request. there is something so…dirty about him licking me. granted i am clean as a whistle.

“let me see your pussy”, he said laying by my feet. “spread your legs, move down here”, he instructs.

i scoot down towards him and he pushes aside my black panties. he looks for just a second and his tongue hits my clit. i close my eyes and gasp for air. my breathing growing deeper and my arms squirming. my right hand travels to the back of his head, slowly down to the base of his head and meets the top of his neck. i push into this tongue and start to squirm in lust. moans start to come from my throat and i feel this slow climb that is teasing me. my hand goes down and opens my cunt more for E i feel the slippery wetness. his free hand is toying with my nipple, pulling and twisting. slowly so slowly my orgasm lingers and a small one pushes my creamy juices against E’s tongue.

catching my breath my fingers toy with my wetness against my clit. E gets up and drops his boxers to the ground. my head at the edge of the bed i can see his hard on in front of my face. i want his cock so bad. i turn my mouth towards him and he shoves his hardened cock deep in my mouth.

“i want to fuck your mouth”, he groans. i open wide and let him hit the back of my throat with rapid thrusts. i keep fingering my cunt as he fucks my throat. he pulls out and i see my saliva cling to his cock.

he positions me so my head is hanging off of the bed and he can have access to my cunt with his mouth. he plunges his cock deep down my throat as he tongues at my clit with my legs up and spread. i am pinned by his cock shoved inside of me as i suck him like a cheap slut.

E unlocks our bodies from each other and we lay down side by side. he gropes at my body, my breasts and my cunt. i am still craving an intense orgasm. i shove his fingers down my panties, “oooh you are creamy wet”, he coos at me. while his fingers are rubbing against my clit, i press and direct him outside of my panties. it feels so naughty with this fabric between our skin. i feel like such a dirty slut, like a bad girl letting a boy finger her at her direction because she is the pro as he plays.

growing somewhat desperate for a raging orgasm i pull E’s fingers from my panties and mount his leg. he seemed somewhat startled by my actions but realized quickly what i was trying to do.

“ride my leg bitch”, he tells me.

i push my panties to the side and push my clit against his inner thigh. i start to grind into him. E pushes a finger into my mouth telling me to bite down and at the same time he is starring me square in the eyes. i gently bite down on his finger.

“bite harder”, he said. i bite harder.

“harder”, he chants and i bite harder.

“harder”, he chants again and i respond with a harder bite.

my eyes start to roll back as i feel that orgasm just nearing. E shakes my head to open my eyes. i get into this trance and our eyes are locked. his finger still in my mouth and i know i am biting down harder and harder. my lip starts to curl upward as my orgasm hits and i know as i am coming i have a snarl in my lip.

“yesss”, he moans and i come with intensity panting and heaving like a used slut.

i am going to miss him while i am away.

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omg gracie that is golden. i am glad i am not the only one who can get off with a good grind. at least i know i am not crazy, well… at least not alone!

Comment by Sexy Miss Lynn 08.12.06 @ 3:57 pm

he he he he …..

my gal !

u make me proud ….

AND this compliment is all the ay from Bangkok !!!!!

Comment by kindabiz 08.14.06 @ 5:24 am


Comment by dirty joke sir 08.14.06 @ 6:28 am


Comment by dirty joke sir 08.14.06 @ 6:28 am

I simply love reading your posts. Mmm Mmm Mmm

Comment by Mr. Husbland 08.14.06 @ 6:47 pm

miss lynn – good, i know i could not be alone on that one!

kindabiz – awwww i am glad that you read from so far away. naughty boy!

dirty joke sir – thank you, twice!

mister h – thank you, i am glad you do get a kick out of it. mmm i know i do. *wink*

Comment by Gracie 08.19.06 @ 1:28 pm

holy fuck that’s hot.
“my eyes start to roll back as i feel that orgasm just nearing. E shakes my head to open my eyes. i get into this trance and our eyes are locked.”
what a beautiful scene.

thank you sweetjenny. i hope you are well, i have heard from you in a while.

Comment by sweetjenny 06.11.07 @ 8:56 pm

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