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the girl who got collared
Saturday July 08th 2006, 10:17 pm
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E had told me to close my eyes and he stood behind me and wrapped that leather collar around my neck. quite a moment of excitement. as you can see the leash is next, just not in this round.

keep in mind i am not a true sub. not sure if that will eventually happen. it is uncertain at this point in the path. i am an individual that just enjoys deviancy and debauchery. i revel in dark sexuality and get aroused and just about anything sexual. the naughtier the better in my book.

i enjoyed how E would tug on that metal ring and pull me towards him so he could talk to me or kiss me. i find it a nice accessory to a pair of panties. E mentioned last night as i collapsed after an intense orgasm that he enjoyed the noise the collar makes as i move around.

we spent last night discussing my dark little mind. he growing more comfortable with my wants and desires. i had two orgasms riding his hand as he talked to me about the naughty things he wants to do with me. afterwards he fucked me as i contracted against his cock. he turned me over and finger me to soreness. he shoved in three fingers and the pain of him stretching my cunt was delicious.

i was explaining to E as we were catching our breath how i had this thought of him cumming inside my cunt. then i would get up, leave, go to another man’s house and have that man lap up E’s cum from my messy cunt. after this man made me cum with this tongue, i would get up and go back home to E. well, E thought that was twisted but that thought just gets me so aroused.

the discussions continued again today when E got home from work to find me waiting for him on the bed in just a g-string. we went to dinner discussing our sex life. he feels is coming to terms with me sleeping with another man. as he is coming to this conclusion and brought up the subject on his own. all the while he is noticing other men catching glances at my chest that is bulging in an almost see through and tight t-shirt. i should have known since before we left for dinner he mentioned i was such a tramp because you could see my black bra through my grey shirt.

what can i say?

i say nothing.


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congrats on the collaring

Comment by Ricardo 07.09.06 @ 8:04 pm

hmmm …. very exciting ….. very ……………..

Comment by kindabiz 07.14.06 @ 1:03 am

J would love to lick me after another man had cum inside me.

Comment by Jemima 07.15.06 @ 6:51 am

ricardo & kindabiz – thank you.

jemima – ohhh, i am envious of you. that is just so delicious. *wink*

Comment by Gracie 07.15.06 @ 8:48 am

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