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The End
Saturday November 19th 2011, 1:49 am
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I claim that writing is therapy but sometimes it might just be too soon. You don’t want to close the door just yet. You want to leave it hanging open by a crack in the hopes that it’s just not the end yet. But it is.

Writing this year’s NaNoWriMo book has really struck the heartstrings for me. It’s hard to accept the fact that it really is over. No more. Because of this fact it makes writing about it terrible. It comes and goes but when it comes it’s only for a sentence or two and it vanishes.

The masochist screams, “I need pain.”

His hands cup my breasts from behind. His mouth near my ear but not quite at the magic spot just yet. His fingertips squeeze my nipples but my hand reaches to force his fingers to pinch even harder. Probably harder than he should. His mouth moves near my ear. It’s at the magic spot and my ass bucks against his hard cock. My left hand reaches behind to grab at his cock. He sucks in breath and I let out a moan. He hesitates his breath out as if he will say something, a short sentence or a word. I groan. I pull his cock from his boxers and rub the head against my ass. I need him. I need to feel.

I shift on to my back and his hand push into my panties. His fingertips trace the part of my lips. My mind and body anticipate his next move. Deeper they push parting my flesh away. My hand grips the bed while the other grips his back. He teases by slowly tracing and pushing. I feel like my body is going to erupt. He thrusts inside. I’m wet and he hits that spot and my body stiffens and my cunt gushes. I shake as the liquid soaks my panties to the sheets.

“Yesssss,” he hisses so proudly in my ear.

I’m lost. I’m consumed. I’m not in my body.

“H-h-hurt… m-meee.” I stutter.

He pushes another finger inside and more fluids seep out. My nails dig into his back and slowly scrape upward. I can feel his body tense in the pain as his fingers dig deeper in my cunt. Slowly, very slowly he pulls his fingers free with even more fluids falling out. I gasp at the release.

I roll to my stomach pushing my ass in the air. His hands pull my panties from my ass as he rubs his cock against my cunt. My face buries into the mattress as I feel him push. He teases his way inside, then with a final thrust he is all the way in and I grunt into the sheets. I grip the edge of the mattress as he fucks me.

“Fuck me!” I demand.

His hands grip my hips as he pounds harder. He pulls my ass up making his cock swell more and my moans graduate to screams. I feel his cock swell and fill me. I can tell when he is about to come when his body starts to sputter with his thrusts. He is getting close.

“Come. In. Me.” I barely push from my lips.

My brain is mush with a hyper focus on his cock nearing an orgasm. I can feel it. His grip is getting tighter. Almost.

“Come. In. Me.” I say a little louder with gasps and quakes.

My cunt is tightening around his swelling. I am trying to milk him before he is ready.

“Come. In. Mee.” I plea.

He lets out a ground with his fingertips digging into my flesh. Holding. Pushing. Deeper. Hold. Thrust. Spurt.

We stay locked till his cock falls out and away.

“Finger me,” I pant.

He doesn’t question me. He obliges with three fingers forcing their way in my cum soaked cunt and I push back against him. I push hard. I want the pain. I pull forward and push back hard.

“Fuck. Me.” I groan.

I pull and push. I feel the burn of his fingers stretching me. I pull upward gripping the headboard.

I pull and push.

I’m riding his fingers. I’m fucking his fingers.

I pull and push.

My body seizes. My thighs shake. I fall to the bed panting. Heaving.

Slowly he lies beside me. I crawl into his arms and hold tight. My heaving turns into an uncontrollable sob. The tears flow but I’m quiet. I cry into his chest. I’m overwhelmed. The emotions are flood like my orgasms and I am at the mercy of my mind.

“You ok?” He whispers into the top of my head. He’s concerned.

I shake my head yes. I’m ok but I’m not. It’s not him, it’s me.

I wipe the tears away and plant a kiss on his flesh. I can’t wait to write “The End” on this book.

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I can’t wait to read it. You have my email. 😉

Comment by X 11.19.11 @ 2:14 am

X, not sure if this book will ever see the light of day unless I find a brilliant writing partner or a wonderful editor.

Comment by Dark Gracie ® 11.19.11 @ 8:41 pm

And, of course your story leaves me reeling. You weave feelings I live, and describe the reason I’m eternally and hopelessly lost to some. But “The End” is what strikes a chord with me.

I dreamt about her night before last, “The Wife”. The story that brought me here. I can’t tell Luna, she wouldn’t understand the strange sort of heartbroken nightmare a dream like that is.

I remember those times with her, my Surfer Girl. The Aesthetic all that implies. Her rippled shoulders when I was behind her, the 6′ frame with impossibly long blond hair whisping across my hips.

The pain is exquisite, acute, and excruciating. Even this tiny snippet sends equal parts of acid and adrenaline coursing through my veins.

But in the end, we didn’t share this soul, this life, and inevitably we had to part. That didn’t change the fact it was ripping out a piece of my own heart, a dear one.

I don’t regret this life, or the choices I made. Those choices gave me my son, and my Moon and Stars.

But sometimes I have to spend a night more alone than usual, sipping from an open wine bottle and chain smoking, screwing my face up until those strange pangs go away.

I feel you. I really do.

Comment by Giacomo 11.19.11 @ 11:14 am

Giacomo, Yes, I do know what you speak of. It is important to live and without those steps in life we would not be in the spot we are in now.

Comment by Dark Gracie ® 11.19.11 @ 8:43 pm

Winston Churchill famously said that a book project begins as a seductive mistress that rapidly turns into a ferocious sadist. Fortunately you’ve found your sadist without finishing your book.

Comment by Hardin Reddy 11.19.11 @ 3:11 pm

Hardin, Good point. I suffer from the human condition of wanting what I can not have.

Comment by Dark Gracie ® 11.19.11 @ 8:43 pm

Your story moved me so much i thought it was me and i was almost crying in the end.. I loved it.

Comment by jumpmaster 11.20.11 @ 9:09 am

Jumpmaster, Wow that is pretty intense. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. I have been so moved by reading something as well and I will take that as an honor. Thank you again.

Comment by Dark Gracie ® 11.20.11 @ 10:03 am

Loves loves loves it!

Comment by Mistress L 11.22.11 @ 11:00 pm

Thank you very much Mistress L!

Comment by Dark Gracie ® 11.22.11 @ 11:05 pm

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