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the dirty girl
Friday September 01st 2006, 9:40 am
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he called me up to inform me he was not working a second shift and nor did he have practice. he ended the the conversation with “i want to play with your pussy tonight”. well, that had me aroused the rest of the afternoon. not really knowing what he had in mind.

the night before i had confessed to him why my toys were out since he saw them drying in our sink.

“i put two dildos in my pussy,” i say ever so sweetly with applied innocence.

“mmmmm, i like that,” he replies.

“my pussy is sore,” i say pathetically.

he cannot keep his hands off of me and moments later i am grinding my stretched cunt against his fingers deep inside me.

last night, i am laying in bed on my stomach in the dark, wearing just panties. i am dosing off in exhaustion. he comes in the room and in one sweep he has a scarf around my neck and tugging.

“i am going to kill you and rape you,” he hisses in my ear.

i feel dizzy, my eyes flutter and i pass out.

i am on my back, legs spread and a wet paper towel over my face. i cannot see, but i can feel and hear. i can barely get a good breath under the towel. i can feel my breath pushing it upward but if i remain calm, i can get enough breath. i feel my panties being shoved to the side. he is rubbing up and down my slit. i am already wet. i first feel my plug easily go inside my ass. it helps when i have been been plugging it for over an hour every day this week. he then pushes in my dildo. i am already sore from the night before. it is that good hurt as he fucks me silly.

his hand covers my nose and mouth. i am having a hard enough time breathing and i feel myself drench as he cuts off my air. my arms start to wave and i find his arm and i slap it. a few slaps later he releases. i am gasping for air under the towel. he is plowing away at my cunt. he pulls out the dildo and shoves in four fingers, the plug slips out and he forces three fingers into my ass. he fucks my both holes and i rip off the towel as i gasp. i am drenching and drenching. i am groaning and moaning as he uses my holes like a filthy slut.

“turn over,” he tells me.

I turn over and he peels my panties down to my knees as i am in a position to be ass in the air and my head in the bed.

“oooh your panties are dirty,” he coos.

he pushes himself inside of me. mmmm he fucks me so hard. grabbing and tugging at my waist. i can feel every inch going in and out. i can feel myself coming around his cock. he directs me on my back and finishes me off with unloading his cum deep in my cunt. i stare at the beads of sweat on his forehead. we are panting trying to catch our breaths. i feel his cum oozing out of me and my hand reaches down to massage his cum into my clit. everything so swollen and used. i actually feel like today i need a break to recover.

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Note: he really does not want to kill me.

Ok, this had me totally laughing. 😉

Comment by Mr. Husbland 09.01.06 @ 11:59 am

hee hee. yeah i had to put on the disclaimer. some people think i am going too far. we know what we are doing folks.

Comment by Gracie 09.01.06 @ 12:01 pm

Sorry to say, but I really do not think that 2 more guys are going to really help fill that insatiable need… *wink*

Comment by dirty thirties 09.01.06 @ 12:39 pm

You make me hard with your insatiable appetite and juices flowing.

Comment by Pyrhonik 09.01.06 @ 3:21 pm

dirty – hmmmm yeah you are right. damn. what about three guys that live in my house, i should definitely get my fill then….one would hope.

py – mmmmmmmm good.

Comment by Gracie 09.01.06 @ 3:35 pm

I used to have a friend that had a rape “fantasy”. She rarely admitted to it, but when I brought it up, it always made her hot. 😀

Great blog. Glad I found it, and took a read. 😀

I’ll be back.


Comment by NotSoNormal 09.01.06 @ 10:42 pm

i’m with dirty, but hey, it’s worth a try isn’t it?
good excuse anyway.

Comment by single gal 09.02.06 @ 6:48 pm

among the 2 more guys … cud i be one of them ?

Comment by kindabiz 09.02.06 @ 11:08 pm

That man of yours is quite the capable lover. So creative! Where would you find two more like him?

Comment by Cherrie 09.02.06 @ 11:31 pm

I was once in a relationship where there was enough trust that I could say things like that to her and it was very arousing for us both…things that would be unacceptable in any other context.

Comment by Al Sensu 09.03.06 @ 1:16 am

single gal – yessss i would say.

kindabiz – hmmmm knowing you and your energy level…that is a very long one on one session.

cherrie – hmmmm that is a hard one to answer. i feel fortunate to have him and fate brought us together. literally.

al – you are right. absolutely right.–>

Comment by Gracie 09.04.06 @ 8:34 am

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