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the definition of want
Thursday November 08th 2007, 3:10 pm
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in my mind without nerves, without levels of self esteem and without fear i want you.

what does that mean?

it is me straddling your lap and enveloping you. it is me staring into your blue eyes with my hazel eyes. i want to see past the pupils and directly into your soul. i want to breathe you in. i want to touch your skin. i want to taste your lips and slip my tongue past them to greet yours. i want to feel your arousal grow and press up against me. i want to press down into you and kiss your being from your lips. i want to melt and mold into you. i want to consume every bit of you in one moment because i just cannot wait a second longer for you. the intensity that binds us causes no rational thoughts, it is lust and need that courses through our veins. the only logic is fitting the two pieces together that make us one.

that is what i mean when i say i want you.

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Mmmmm. I know that want. I love that want. It’s fucking delicious. Perfectly said.

Comment by Chris 11.08.07 @ 7:35 pm

i”m reminded of the movie “Strange Days” and the tech they had where you could experience what another person was thinking.

how orgasmic that would be to be having sex and feel the sensation, not just from your side but from your lover’s.

back and forth, and back and forth. lust feeding on lust until you both dissolve in a puddle of satisfaction.

As always my dark and treasured muse, inspiring…


Comment by Silence Up2NoGood 11.08.07 @ 8:40 pm

You make “wanting” so much more delicious.

Comment by Mina 11.08.07 @ 11:54 pm

I crave that. That is what I want.

Comment by G 11.09.07 @ 4:17 am

this is exactly what i mean when i tell Dean I want him. beautifully done.

Comment by cyris vali 11.09.07 @ 8:40 pm

I love that you have someone you want so intensely. Makes me want to try even harder.

Comment by Tom 11.11.07 @ 9:20 am

Simple. Elegant. Succinct.

You’ve said it all darling.
I couldn’t agree more 😉


Comment by Desire X 11.12.07 @ 1:24 pm

you had me at ” it is me straddling your lap “

Comment by ATLLG 11.12.07 @ 7:49 pm

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