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the closest
Sunday June 10th 2007, 9:29 am
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i was barely awake when he was standing by the bedside. he roughly pulled my shirt off of me. roughly he was handling my breasts and pinching my nipples till i hissed and whimpered. my eyes were barely open and started to grab at my face and throat. i felt a little confused about his roughness and without much thought i reached up with my right hand and slapped him hard across the face. well, i am not certain if i did that to enrage him further or did that to let him know i wasn’t liking how he was handling me. either way it just led to a far more painful session with him.

his face snarled at the unexpected and deathly slap. he pulled off of me and grabbed a black scarf, wrapped it around my neck and proceeded to choke me till i nearly passed out. fear was rushing my brain yet at the same time i was soaking the black panties i had on. he pushed them aside as he began having me roughly without care. sometimes his hands replaced the scarf and sometimes his hand went over my nose and mouth. i would fight him to get air as my body would get to the point of panic. he always managed to make me suffer a few more seconds under his strength and those few seconds would tick ever so slowly that i felt like i would die.

when being on my back was not suffice he yanked me over the edge of the bed as my toes only touched the floor. his hands scraped against my skin as my panties were pulled down just enough for him to push back inside of me. his rage never ceased as he rammed me pounding against my cervix. he slapped at my flesh causing my head to throw back and sunk his finger tips into my skin.

i felt a bit rattled through the act and it was when he grabbed my ass and forced my into the bed and spread me wide i gasped. i do not understand why i enjoy him starring into my ass. i know it is that wonderment if he is going to take it. i felt myself growing so wet that it was dripping in between thrusts.

he pulled out of me very sudden that i fell into the bed. immediately his fingers dug inside of my cunt and i moaned and whimpered. i started to grind against his fingers, his free hand grabbed a fistful of hair and he wrapped his arm around my throat choking me as he molested me. he would push me back into the bed, i would thrust against his hand and he would grab a handful of hair again and choke me. the air around me was filled with vile words of filth directed at me. he was angry and full of rage.

i was starting to feel scared as his acts were so rough and uncaring. instead of cumming in me or even on me he decided to spit me square on the asshole and walked away. he didn’t even bother cleaning me up as he routinely does. he came back and expected me to get him off so he could cum. for a split moment as my hair was ratted around my face a few tears fell from my face and i proceeded to get him off.

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Was that written to make me teary? Because it did 🙁

awww Teacher don’t get teary. things are fine. it was a moment in time.

so smile for me.

Comment by The Teacher 06.10.07 @ 1:34 pm

as a spectator, the visions are hot and violent. such a thin line between rage and ecstasy.

yes a very thin line.

Comment by Bad Bad Girl 06.10.07 @ 5:10 pm

A question remains unanswered: what was this the closest to?
Obviously there is fear… lots of fear, in his chaos, in your submission. My thoughts echo those of The Teacher and of BBG, despite your assurances.
Still, I’m fascinated at the picture you’ve painted, like eyes frozen and unblinking, I can’t help but read it over a few times.

i assure you FT that there is no fear. none.

i have complete trust in E to know that he would never do something to endanger my health and life.

i am sorry, but if you cannot figure out what that session was the closest to, well perhaps you should read it a few more times. i might suggest you reading My 101 and perhaps that will shed some light on the situation.

thank you for stopping by.

Comment by ft 06.11.07 @ 10:54 am

That was so carnal. So intense.

yes sweet mina, it was.

Comment by Mina 06.11.07 @ 12:31 pm

wow i’m speechless and breathless now……….I agree with Mina so intense.

thank you.

Comment by Linda aka HIs Mija 06.11.07 @ 1:24 pm

This is the emotion in your erotic writing I mentioned in a previous comment. It is so intense and palpable. It’s the realism. That your lover can scare you, can hurt you, can make you cry. That is the reality of sex and relationships, and it makes your writing all the more compelling. I felt this post; it shook me.

thank you Chris, i appreciate your thoughts. i realized that for some it was too much, but i felt that i needed to write about it. not, that this kind of session happens every day but this particular one really made an impression on me.

it is the reality of real that can strike someone.

i am glad you felt it. that means i did my job.

Comment by Chris 06.11.07 @ 4:29 pm

Yes indeed. I felt this one.. i felt the fear, the trust, the hurt , the reality.
I love your blog. What a lucky woman you are. Really , I do mean that. Certainly I never get that edge that you do.. and I crave it.

Lea thank you for stopping by.

sometimes the edge can be a bit much and at other times it is just right. just like anything in life a sense of balance is necessary.

sometimes i feel those that have a “normal” and probably “healthy” sex life are lucky. but, i think i would find that too vanilla at times. perhaps it is the mood and a little of personality.

as i always tell others, if you are not getting what you need, then i suggest you to seek it out. life is way too short to feel unfulfilled in all departments.

Comment by lea 06.11.07 @ 5:03 pm

I felt a bit confused, right along with you. Confused at the level of menace so early in the morning. Confused and excited. An intersting combination.
And a little concerned. I’m glad to read all is well.

yes, i can see what you mean. but to truly feel caught off guard, is to be caught off guard. there is not sense in acting out what you expect to happen, there is no fun in that.


i am fine, perfectly fine. i do not want anyone to be concerned over me. i am always in good hands.

Comment by Eve 06.12.07 @ 5:55 am

i have no words for this entry.
well, maybe one… “intense.”

that is perfectly all right C. i know what you mean by that.

Comment by Cha0sByDesign 06.12.07 @ 7:31 am

definatly made the space between a turn on, and a scare, fill up. i’m liking, a lot, and I feel for you.

i like that “…the space between turn on and scare fill up.”

thank you.

Comment by melonia 06.12.07 @ 4:04 pm

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