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the challenge
Tuesday May 29th 2007, 10:40 am
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right now as i write this at the demands of E i am getting molested in the worst ways. he even made the notion of keepting all the mistakes in this post. so you have to forgive me. i cannot begin to express how difficult it is to write/type when you have fingers shoved inside of you hitting your g-spot repeatidly.

“you are making mess, i need to get a towel,” he walks away.

he positions a towel beneath me and snaps on latex gloves. he kneels by the fuck bed and begins his torment as i type. fuck i can’t think straight and the wetness keeps seeping out of me. i think he has added another finger to the torment and i keep gasping and breathing heavy inbetween hitting the keys.

E’s contribution to this post while his other hand was three fingers deep inside of me:
I’m fucking this bitch right now and her pussy is so wet.

at a certain point i could not type because the intensity of his molestation was body numbing. he kept causing me to squirt while my ass was up in the air. as i gasp and moan like such a needy slut i keep thinking about how bad i want him to fist me, stretch me. then i start to feel how tight my cunt is around the three fingers he has deep inside of me and how hard would it be for him to try to slip in the other two stragglers. as i continued to think about him fisting me and the video footage i have watched of men pushing their hands so easily in a girl’s pussy i start to buck against his fingers.

“do you want your dildo?” he asks.

“no, i want your fingers, ” i blurt.

he pushes them deeper and at the point of wonderment if he is going to fist me i come loud and wet.

afterwards he reads the post and says,”i don’t like what i wrote i come off as a pig.”

i respond with, “well, you were at that moment and there is nothing wrong with that. no one said you had to be all romantic. that wasn’t the point of it.”


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Mmmm I enjoyed fingers yesterday as well.
My personal favorite.
Your writing could almost make me cum.
My god.


hmmmm i better work on that for the next post.

Comment by Cha0sByDesign 05.29.07 @ 11:02 am

Delicious posting .. Did it take you to write ?
There is something so intense in gently pushing my hand slowly into Thirty’s pussy and watching it get swallowed up.. Mmm


i don’t quite understand your question, you may want to get back to me on that.

thank you for the comment. i do wonder if guys enjoy “losing” their fingers or in some cases hand inside of a woman.

Comment by Dirty Thirty 05.29.07 @ 1:55 pm

You did a better job than I would writing while being molested. It is so intense as usual.


thank you chris.

trust me, it was a challenge. there were a lot of pauses.

Comment by Chris 05.29.07 @ 8:21 pm

I think its pretty hot.
Those moments of not being able to form complete sentences and find the right words are pure bliss!

thank you LD. it has been a long time! i have to read what you have been up to.

Comment by Lustdemon 05.30.07 @ 8:37 am

I tried to read this slowly, hearing you… feeling your struggle. I never rush when reading you….

mmmmm, thank you B.


Comment by badbadgirlx 05.30.07 @ 10:40 pm

Ooooh! I’d take that little piggy anyday..he’s perfect.


thank you LPM.

Comment by La Petite Morte 05.30.07 @ 11:36 pm

You could type? That is amazing control …. I would have been a wreck!

YES Heels i have great talents! i think it is all those years that i mindfuck via IM. mmm mmm. practice does make perfect.

Comment by TeacherInHeels 05.31.07 @ 8:10 am

Oh wow.. i would have lost control and stopped writing! And E has nothing to worry about.. what he said was hot and so into that moment. I know I enjoy it when those words are muttered to me at this types of moments.

awwww sweet Mina i will let E know. i am sure that will make him feel better about his one line. *wink*

Comment by Mina 05.31.07 @ 8:25 am

A young lady told me she didn’t like fingers, by the time i showed her how i use mine (against her full wishes) she LOVED them. Now she requests them often. i like you naughty girls…

you got that right TF…naughty girls are the best. *wink*

Comment by The Fury 05.31.07 @ 10:43 pm

Right hand: why do I have to write all the time, while you read…that left hand has all the fun! And I type better too!!
~~(^_^)~~ xx,adam b. ~~



my right hand gets all the fun and the work. not sure what good my left hand is for. hmmm.

Comment by adam b. 06.01.07 @ 10:31 pm

stimulating as always G. though I’d love to hear about when you take E’s whole hand. what delicious screams you’ll have for us then.

oh yes S, leave it to you to expect just a little bit more from my experiences. i know. not sure if E will ever take that plunge with me. but, i know plenty of guys that are able and willing. i can just imagine it now. the pain, the pleasure…the screams.


Comment by silence 06.02.07 @ 6:15 am

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