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the challenge
Monday April 26th 2010, 8:26 pm
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it all started when i was sick of taking birth control pills and it ended with me getting an IUD installed (YES, i said installed). i will not go into gory female details since this is a sex blog and not a sex ed forum but i will say this: the things we women go through is just unfuckingbelievable. however, if you do have questions about an IUD, please do not hesitate to IM, DM or email me. i am always an open book to your questions.

here was the downer to switching birth control…”no unprotected sex for 2 weeks.”


later that day…

he reassured me as we went back and forth via email that we are two creative people and we can get through the next two weeks without actual sex. i actually believed this was going to be doable and “just fine”.

that. was. a. fictional. thought.

fast forward…

i was biting his right shoulder like a rabid animal or in his words “demon girl”. he was flinching as my teeth snapped as his flesh. his fingers were buried inside of me and i was pleading with him right in his ear,

“i need you to fuck me.”


“i need your cock inside of me.”


“i need to fuuuck.”


i was laying on my back literally crawling out of my skin. i sounded like a complete addict needing a hit and i was bargaining with the devil to get it. i was panting trying to get control of myself, i laid there being completely unreasonable and insane he whispered, “you brought your toys?”

pant, “yes,” pant.

i pulled out the traveling arsenal and the Njoy Eleven made a thud on the bed as it sat nestled in its case. i knew what he was going for in the dark room. i could hear him trying to warm up the cold steel. i felt anxious waiting for that metal to press against my cunt. the bulbous tip slipped between my lips and i gasped at the coldness trying to make its way inside of me. the sting of the cold didn’t last long as my heat warmed the stainless steel quickly. i gripped and tugged the sheets as he skillfully moved the Eleven in and out of me making sure it ridge hit the right spots going in and out. i was coming with each insertion and extraction.

“harder,” i uttered.

he pushed more inside me and would let the end hit my g-spot each time. i was coming more and i remember telling myself several times to breathe or he may stop fucking me with it.

“harder,” i moaned.

i pushed in as much as my body would allow i was gripping at the world. my body was thrusting against the steel and i wanted more in my sexual aggravation. somehow pulled him on top of me to hold on to him as i kept pushing and coming. as he pulled the Eleven out of me i could feel wetness dripping down my thigh and the extreme heat of the steel.

“next weekend is going to be worse,” he said as a matter of fact.

“i don’t want to think about that right now,” i said breathlessly.

this post is featured on GV Magazine with photography by Lauren Peralta

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going to be an interesting week for you – good luck with that.. ;P

Comment by boy von yonder 04.26.10 @ 8:31 pm

thanks. thanks. a. lot.

Comment by dark gracie ® 04.26.10 @ 8:33 pm

Hmmm…you make a IUD sound so appealing. Let me cross that off my list of possibilities, lol.

Comment by Flora 04.26.10 @ 8:59 pm

it’s not THAT bad i think i have already forgotten about the pain. did i mention i was turned on when the speculum was inserted? yes, i’m sick.

Comment by dark gracie ® 04.26.10 @ 9:02 pm

when my ex-gf got her IUD put in, I just fucked her up the ass for 2 straight weeks. I considered it a bonus!

Comment by James 04.26.10 @ 9:22 pm

@James a bonus because she doesn’t normally let you fuck her in the ass?

Comment by dark gracie ® 04.26.10 @ 9:30 pm

normally she’d get sore if I used her ass more than 2-3 days in a row. but with one hole “out of order” I didn’t give her a choice…

Comment by James 04.26.10 @ 9:33 pm

@James “out of order”? seriously? come on guy i can be vulgar and filthy but that is not sexy at all.

Comment by dark gracie ® 04.26.10 @ 9:34 pm

that was meant to be tongue-in-cheek…

Comment by James 04.26.10 @ 9:40 pm

@James i certainly hope so because you are coming off as a misogynist and i just can’t tolerate that kind of mentality. women including myself demand the utmost respect no matter what fetish game you are playing at.

(i am not preaching this to you personally, it’s globally.)

Comment by dark gracie ® 04.26.10 @ 9:43 pm

speculums are fun; but I have a medical fascination which borders on fetish, so of course I’d think that.

There are definitely strings of words that are completely incapable of being sexy and “hole out of order” is on that list.

Good luck with the coming days, “demon girl”.

Comment by ryanstgermain 04.27.10 @ 1:30 pm

Ryan, thank you for your input. i thought perhaps i was just being silly but now i know i wasn’t overreacting.

there is something fascinating about medical equipment to me. i love the gloves, the shiny objects and i have a great love for scalpels.

Comment by dark gracie ® 04.27.10 @ 1:34 pm

No, I don’t think you were being silly. It was probably an attempt to be clever, but it was in very poor taste.

I collect medical antiques, instruments, certifications, etc. I suppose it’s only natural that my fascination would bleed into other aspects of my life….

Comment by ryanstgermain 04.27.10 @ 2:15 pm

i think you should share your collection via photos for me to lust after. just a thought…

Comment by dark gracie ® 04.27.10 @ 2:18 pm

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I can’t believe I’m just now checking out your blog. Wow, lady. I think I lust you even more now.

An IUD is the only way to go. Painful as fuck, but so worth it.

The tension in my body is palpable at this point. It’s in every fiber of my being. I haven’t fucked in far too long. It’s affecting my psyche. I completely feel this “like a complete addict needing a hit.” Completely.

Comment by Marla Singer 04.30.10 @ 7:48 am

my dear Marla, thank you for stopping by. i can’t wait to get past the introductory period with the IUD. it really is a pain to my body.

you need to get fucked my dear. you are just too delectable to be neglected.


Comment by dark gracie ® 04.30.10 @ 9:07 am

If I hadn’t already carefully wrapped and packed them away for my move, I would. When I unpack, i’ll clean them and arrange them all again, just perfectly and I’ll take photos, just for you, Gracie.

Comment by ryanstgermain 04.30.10 @ 11:30 am

i would really love and appreciate that Ryan.

Comment by dark gracie ® 05.02.10 @ 8:53 pm

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