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Monday October 02nd 2006, 10:40 am
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saturday morning at around 5am, E decided to say goodbye to me by tying me up with my scarves. at first in my sleepy state i almost objected, but was more asleep then aware to stop him. i entertained this thought for him.


i slowly come out of my slumber with a text message from E that reads:

“Rape you at gun point. Then sale your ass.”

i started to grind the bed at the image that flooded my mind.

saturday afternoon i feel this urgent need to masturbate. i thumb through one of E’s magazines starring at large tits and sucking mouths around a cock and i come three times. shit, i think i pulled a groin muscle.

when E gets home i am wearing a thong that is a little tighter then it should be as every movement pressed every so tautly against my clit.

“come here, i want your ass here,” as he points to his chest. “want you to sleep here this afternoon.”

i crawl reverse against his laying body with my ass and cunt in his immediate view. i put a pillow across the gap between his feet and laid on him. he spanked me randomly and i faded into a sleep. he would pull and probe my cunt and my ass would sway up and down as i tugged the material of my thong against my clit. i fell asleep on him.

sunday morning i am ironing my jeans in my black bra and panties. he finds me in the living room and slaps my ass and grabs at my tits.

“let me look at you”, he insists.

i give him a sidewards glance.

“you are beautiful”, as he stares intently.

i smile and steam my wrinkled jean hem.

he smacks my ass, grabs at my tits and turns my head to kiss him.

“men would dream of being me right now”, he gloats.

“why?” i question.

“because what man can just smack their girl’s ass, grab at their tits and kiss them like that without complaining?” he answers.

i smile and go back to my ironing.

as i finish this now E comes in grabs my head back.

“what are you doing?” he hisses.

“finishing a blog entry,” i squeak as he yanks my arms up, slaps my tit and grabs my neck with a squeeze.

“i thought you said you weren’t going to work on your blog?” he snarls as his grip gets tighter around my neck.

he leaves the grip around my upward arms to wrap both hands around my neck. my eyes start to roll as my head gets lighter and lighter.

“almost done,” i barely let out.

“hurry up, gonna put you to sleep when you are done”, he lets out as he releases his grip around my neck.


have a good day kids.

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very hot post!

Comment by NaughtyNikki 10.02.06 @ 1:07 pm

I swear you have the best sleep!

Comment by Chris 10.02.06 @ 6:17 pm

i love that a dom only has as much control as his sub will allow

Comment by exile 10.02.06 @ 10:33 pm

excellent … I guess a webcam was the only thing missing … HOT

Comment by Aragorn 10.03.06 @ 4:26 am

the perfect images your create with words

Comment by woodinhand 10.03.06 @ 8:05 am

the perfect images your create with words

Comment by woodinhand 10.03.06 @ 8:14 am

nikki – thank you.

chris – mmmm i do.

exile – very true.

aragorn – hee hee yes.

W – why thank you. *smile*–>

Comment by Gracie 10.03.06 @ 3:53 pm

it’s good to see you writing here again. I have missed it. And I have to say… Sylvanus is probably just as happy with me as E is with you *wink*

Comment by Mina 12.02.09 @ 2:35 pm

it’s nice to write again. i feel i have been avoiding “sessions” but i will get to those soon enough.

Comment by Gracie 12.04.09 @ 6:09 pm

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