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the beast within
Saturday September 16th 2006, 2:34 pm
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sometimes i feel like i have created a monster in E. his dominating over me grows each session. yet, i let him, i love it and i always want  more of it. he caught me off guard as i was putting lotion on, he came up behind me and grabbed my cunt from behind and pushed me towards the bed. he bent me down face first into the bed. he pushed my panties to the side and immediately shoved in two fingers. i wasn’t wet yet and i yelped, i fucking loved it. within mere seconds i was dripping around his fingers.

he left me bent over the bed on my tippy toes with my legs parted. he came with my collar, i could hear the rings banging against each other. i felt like cumming as he fastened it tight around my neck and was on the edge as he yanked me upward as he proceeded to fuck me from behind. he used the leash as the handle as he fucked me. without warning nor lube he shoves in my into my ass. it easily glides in and i grunt.

“yeahhh that’s how i like it baby, so hot you taking it in the ass with nothing,” he groans.

every time he pushed in the plug to make sure it stayed it i grunted and tightened around his cock. he would switch from the dildo to his cock whenever he felt like it. he held my collared neck tight as he abused my cunt.

he left my dildo in me as he got his belt.

“you better keep that in your cunt bitch or i will really hurt,” he warns.



he is thoroughly enjoying beating my ass red as i am concentrating and tightening with all my might to keep that cock inside of me. every time he smacks me i just want to flood and release that cock. slowly it sneaks out of me. he knew this was going to happen. down it falls by my feet.

“what did i tell you!” he roars.

he shoves it back in my cunt hard and beats my ass even harder. i am yelping and grunting. instead of enjoying my beating i am trying to keep this cock in me.

“you are such a slut, you don’t deserve to have that patch of hair on your cunt, you are going to shave it off do you hear me? you need to earn that patch you filthy whore.”

i would do it for him. i would do whatever he had asked. i did not care. he had me in this moment and i was a complete slut for him

“get on the floor you slut,” he barks.

he throws down a pillow like i am dog and i kneel down and lay on my stomach. he pulls off the collar and replaces it with a scarf.

“masturbate bitch,” he groans.

immediately he tightens the scarf. i feel the pressure and my cunt flooding. my eyes flutter as i never felt so high and dizzy before. i yelp out, he releases for a second and tightens it even harder. i feel like i am going to lose it or pass out. i yelp out, he releases for a second and even tighter this time around. i start to gasp as he ignores my yelp this time, i heave, i almost panic as i fall to my side. he lets the scarf go. i am trying to catch myself as i feel on the border of being alert and passing out.

he gets up and pulls me back on my stomach to  masturbate. he sits on the edge of the bed as he pushes his feet on me to hold me down as i grunt and moan to an orgasm.

goddamn that was insane.

he pulls me up to head towards the tub to wash up. i can barely walk and my cunt is raw and tender.

“you are going to shave off that patch right now,” he tells me.

i soak in the tub and wash up. i sit at the edge of the tub as he gets in. he starts to pull at the patch and touch my cunt.

“no, i like it, don’t shave it,” as he stares at it mesmerized. he starts to rub my clit and i start to pull back.

“don’t you fucking move or i will slap you,” he warns.

he rubs it and i try not to jerk or move. i am near screaming as he rubs me and i start to pull.

slap, slap, his hand met my face.

“what did i tell you,” he hissed through clenched teeth.

i stared at him and stayed still as he pushed in two fingers into my cunt. the water started to splash as he finger fucked my raw cunt. i lost it in the tub and everything that was sitting on the tub edge was knocked off. he pulled out and finished washing himself as i got out examining my neck.

“damn baby you fucked me up,” i  whisper with a smile.

“i fucked up your whole body,” he said as a matter of fact.

it’s true. i created a fucking monster.

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Yes, Gracie. It seems you have done just that. Lucky, lucky girl.

Comment by Tess 09.16.06 @ 4:42 pm

wow gracie… and will this monster go even further????

Comment by Edtime Stories 09.16.06 @ 7:06 pm

i’m not sure what i liked better: the way he handled you, or the way you took it.

i’m leaning towards the way you took it

Comment by Durty Thawtz 09.16.06 @ 10:44 pm

What a beast! He probably had your heart rate up in the red zone the minute he jammed his fingers in your cunt.

The thought of you bent over your bed in the “Cherrie” position, E fucking your pussy and ass simultaneously, is mesmerizing. Such hot action!

Comment by Cherrie 09.16.06 @ 10:47 pm

I often cum to your writing but I dream of cumming for you or even better in you.

Comment by Stroker 09.17.06 @ 7:56 am

tess – yes and i do feel fortunate. i enjoyed skimming your blog. you have some hot, hot pics on there.

ed – i have a feeling the monster will slowly creep further.

durty – mmmmm thank you.

cherrie – yes it is a rush when he does unexpected acts. he does keep me on my “toes”. *wink*

stroker – damn S…mmmm i don’t know how to respond to that with…thank you. that is hot.

Comment by Gracie 09.17.06 @ 10:30 am

i guess E now probably has a following ! I am so very much turned on !
WoW !!!!

Comment by kindabiz 09.18.06 @ 3:30 am

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