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Wednesday June 27th 2007, 9:16 pm
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since this is a lot longer then i anticipated i decided to just make this its own post to the “Seven Random Facts” tag.

as each question filtered in, they all really made me think. i appreciate those that participated and honestly thought i was going to get tougher questions. i guess you guys let me off the hook this time around.

1. Tom ( a faithful reader) asked: What is your favorite manifestation of obeisance/ gratitude (they’re one in the same, no?): whimpering pain, blood, or something else?

Tom talks about the dominant streak i have within me. for some reason my blog has been labeled as a “submissive” blog but that is not entirely true. i am a switch and this recently has come about in the past year or so.

so to answer your question Tom, it is rather hard to say. i love when my sub gives me 100% control without limitations. the most intimate of obeisance/gratitude would be blood. giving your life source i think is the ultimate form.

2. Needle.Freak (seems to be a new set of eyes on the blog) asked: I’m assuming you haven’t, your entire life, always been able to have multiple orgasms. How have you been able to achieve these on a somewhat regular basis?

simply put, no. i have not had multiple orgasms in quite some time actually. i will have them minutes apart but not like the ones i recall years ago. all though i have had some very long drawn out orgasms lately that have been quite memorable. usually toy induced and with a phone glued to my ear.

3. Woodinhand (who i call W) greedily asked: guys are asked if they are ‘tit guys’ or ‘ass guys’ or even some of us can cream over the look of a women eyes – what turns you on most about a man? and what physical act have you never experienced but would like to?

the first question is very hard for me to answer and i kept thinking about it over and over. i am a mentally aroused creature so this is going to sound very out of the ordinary. the kind of guy that ultimately turns me on are “Alpha Males”. i can spot them a mile away and i absolutely love them. the way they talk and compose themselves makes my cunt wet.

if i must pick some kind of physical attribute it would be the eyes. eyes that are piercing and can fuck mine effortlessly. i have had this experience before it was rather mind blowing to me.

to answer your greedy second question W, hmmmm. that would be my lover cutting me. that is all i will say on that subject.

4. Kitty (a new found blogger) also greedily asked: Do you feel your blog reflects the REAL you? Or is there so much more that we don’t know?Are you married?

my blog reflects my sexuality and perhaps SOME personal attributes. there are many facets to me as i am sure there are to most sex bloggers. i am a really dark person with a dark sense of humor. i am an artist, devoted to my family (also known for being the glue) and i am a contradiction as i can be very quiet and very talkative. the sex you read about on my blog is very real. so yes, there is so much more that the average reader does not know about me.

yes i am married to a wonderful man that is love and life to me. however, our marriage is not conventional by any means. i have been with this man since the age of 16 and i am 31 now.

5. Chilli (seems to be a new set of eyes on the blog) asked: You first had sex when you were 18 and you’re married to that man. Yet you’ve had sex with 3 men. Do you fantasize a lot about fucking other men or mostly about your own man?

I FANTASIZE A LOT ABOUT FUCKING OTHER MEN. as a matter of fact that is all i think about when i think about sex. if i read a man that arouses me then he engulfs my mind. when i am out in public i always wonder what sex would be like with that guy or this guy. my mind is a fertile ground of men i want to fuck.

6. NC (a faithful reader amongst other things) asked: What’s better…seeing man cum, hearing a man cum, or watching and hearing a man cum?

to be honest all of the above since i have been utterly aroused by all of those acts. if a man if vocal with his orgasm i love to hear it and i think that could be the better out of the three. it seems to be the one that i have been experiencing more recently and i always come when i hear HIM cum.

7. Mark (a new found blogger) asked: What is your quirkiest physical attribute?

since Mark revealed his quirk to me, i decided to try to answer this. again i had to give this much thought and all i could come up with is my eyes changing colors. i have hazel eyes but onlookers have witnessed them changing colors before their eyes and they get rather freaked out about it. E claims my eyes change based on my mood (green for when i am horny) and i will just take his word for it.

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Fantastic answer and one that I thought you’d say. It’s the same for me waiting for HER to cum just sets me off (usually all over my chest..) Talk soon..

ah then you know me very well NC.


Comment by NC 06.28.07 @ 6:27 am

and Grace is a wonderful Domme. i am luckier than i have a right to be.
thank You, Grace

V, you are truly the most prized sub/pet/slut i will ever own. no one will ever near your devotion/obedience/lust for me. not to mention that you are my favorite writer as well.

do not thank me V. without you i wouldn’t own you and without you i wouldn’t be the Domme i am.

Comment by vslut 06.28.07 @ 1:33 pm

All I can say is wow. I’ve been reading your blog for about two months now, and over the past week I’ve gone back and read the archived posts from the beginning, and all I can say is wow. The description and emotion in your writings is amazing and I look forward continue reading your blog. Keep up the great work!

thank you very much WM. that is a long time to be reading through archives. *smile*

welcome and thank you for taking the time to comment.

Comment by wm 06.28.07 @ 2:51 pm

#7 – My mother’s eyes were the same way. Hazel normally. Green when she was happy, turning bright blue when she got mad. It was helpful as a child for Mommy to have “Mood Ring Eyes”. I am really enjoying your writing. Thank you.

thank you very much Kes. i do have your blog in my RSS Reader but i have a ton of blogs to read. i will eventually get to yours and hopefully this weekend.

thank you and i like that term…”Mood Ring Eyes”.

Comment by kes 06.28.07 @ 4:53 pm

I adore vocal orgasms too – I find it very hard to hold back if the girl comes intensely – it’s the sounds, as much as the sights, of intense sex that arouse me, and a good, har orgasm from the girl will frequently tip me over the edge, make me cum hard…

mmmmm all this talk about vocal orgasms makes me want to hear one now.


Comment by dirtyboy 06.28.07 @ 5:54 pm

not a new set of eyes… just usually a quiet one ;]

ahh well thank you for clearing that up. i appreciate you taking the time to comment and ask a question. what a bold “stepping” out of the shadows.


Comment by needle.freak 06.28.07 @ 6:19 pm

Good information to know.

thank you doll.

Comment by Chris 06.28.07 @ 7:33 pm

I enjoyed your answers, they are so deep.
kisses (if you promise not to bite! lol)

why thank you kitty. i thought they were really good questions.

aw, why can’t i bite you? *wink*

Comment by kitty 06.28.07 @ 7:59 pm

switch eh? I am totally sub. *sigh* 😉 I do love your answers tho! Hope you are doing well *wink*

yes a switch.

i enjoy female subs. *smile*

all is well, it’s friday.

Comment by shibari 06.28.07 @ 11:29 pm

Blood and cum make such a delectable cocktail, no?

that is a nice blend. i did get your email Tom.

very nice.

Comment by Tom 06.29.07 @ 9:48 am

What an awesome idea! That is very clever! So cool …. now I want to do it …. lol.


i would love to ask you questionS…yes plural. *wink*

Comment by TeacherInHeels 06.29.07 @ 3:08 pm

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