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that "something"
Wednesday February 20th 2008, 12:09 am
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yes i have been out of commission to the point that i am sure i have lost readers, etc. but it was never about that right? i write for me. at least that is what we all say in the beginning.

i have gone through some phases and perhaps one day i can share them. i would think they would be boring for a sex blog. i haven’t even been reading blogs like i used to. i wonder if i have just out grown this. perhaps reading other’s words spurs deeper emotions inside of me that are to some degree haunting.

i created a Tumblr blog ( because it is simple and i can just write and post quotes. for some reason i hold THIS blog on a pedestal. i don’t want to corrupt it, ruin it and taint it with my nonsense.

i am trying to find the inspiration, the will to write.

V is still around and very dear to me.

E is of course here and will never go anywhere. he is the foundation to my existence. without him i would not be alive and i am not being dramatic. i am not sure if i have written this on here but E is Love and Life to me.

my mind is still in a filthy realm and i just wish my body would cooperate.

i can’t say this is over yet. i am just waiting for that bit of “oh” from the right source. i know it will come soon. i can almost feel it. it is nearing me. i must have been  overly blessed in the past.

i just need that “something”

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Me too, but I think this all goes in phases depending on what’s happening in our lives. But this is why I love RSS – I’m there waiting for you whenever you’re here.

Comment by Al Sensu 02.20.08 @ 10:39 pm

I know this road you walk on. It is one I walk on many times.. I wish I didn’t. I am drained too. Though my life and my love are wonderful… I have no desire to write. Nothing comes to mind… can’t force it… just hope inspiration comes soon. Take care sexy Dark One.. you will be back and it will be glorious.

Comment by Mina 02.21.08 @ 9:24 am

I am very horny once again, and looks this BLOG
I like this very much !
Kiss to ALL

Comment by SEXY-GIRL 02.22.08 @ 9:00 am

You haven’t lost me. Not that I am all that great, but now you know that we are out there. Waiting. Knowing that soon you will find the words.

Comment by Megan 02.24.08 @ 6:17 pm

I think all writers go through these periods. The muse leaves us, or life distracts us, or however you want to label it. Sometimes I wonder if I need to experience my life rather than transcribing it so much. You’ll come back when you’re ready, and we will be here when you do. Be well, be deviant. I look forward to reading you again.

Comment by Chris 02.24.08 @ 8:59 pm

awaiting your return.I borrowed a few photos from your other blog btw. they’re beautiful.

Comment by Recycled Cha0s 02.25.08 @ 4:22 pm

often the ebb and flow of words is the bane of a good writer’s existence. take time to ponder and think, once the words come, it is hard to slow the gushing geysers. many await your thoughts, and will be waiting for you…when you are ready.

Comment by cardcutter 03.02.08 @ 2:14 pm

you may have lost readers, but you just gained one. gonna be chcking out your blog. hope you put up a new post soon. i like your style.

Comment by the happy husband 03.02.08 @ 11:03 pm

Your loyal fans are always waiting around for just a sip of what you offer Grace. always…. bbg

Comment by badbadgirlx 03.18.08 @ 6:04 am

sending you healing thoughts and a boat load of delicious orgasms.


Comment by m 03.31.08 @ 7:09 am

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