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temporary satiation
Monday March 29th 2010, 5:49 pm
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we had the equivalent of a quickie when i had first showed up. i didn’t worry because i knew that wasn’t going to be the only session. during the quickie it was the pain of tugging and biting on my nipples that just made me let out a sigh. i needed that pain and needed that release.

the real satisfaction was during our second encounter when he fucked me from behind. i kept breathlessly saying how good it felt as he moved in and out of me. i stayed so still soaking in that moment, that feeling, that tightness being stretched. i marinated in that period of bliss.

the icing on the cake was the unexpected spanking as i laid on my stomach catching my breath. his hands roamed my semi-naked flesh (i had on pink panties to match the pink toenail polish, yes i was going for some form of innocence with a side of pure evil) and the exposed ass flesh. the swat startled me but immediately i was turned on. my ass slowly moved upward to his hits.




i whispered. i wanted to feel this. i wanted it to sting. i wanted it to hurt. my head was buried in the bed as he beat me as best as he could. i had turned my sweet, sex-addicted, patient man into a sadistic beast.

i could feel my wetness pooling and after he couldn’t spank me no more he plunged his fingers inside of me and i was lost in heaven. i couldn’t even really tell you what happened but i do remember towards the end he whispered, “one more, one more” and i gave him one more orgasm.

Thank you Lux for Fleshbotting this post.

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Lucky stiff ;)I’m in lust with you.

Comment by X 03.30.10 @ 6:54 pm

aww X, that’s not the first time someone has fallen in lust with me. i really appreciate it. it means i’m doing something right. *smile*

Comment by Gracie 03.30.10 @ 7:35 pm

Gracie that was just really hot… i know what Mimi is going to get tonight…

Comment by Jay 03.31.10 @ 2:13 pm

ohhh Mimi is a very lucky girl. thanks for stopping by Jay.

Comment by Gracie 03.31.10 @ 2:40 pm

You certainly are a lovely creature in all of your benevolent lust, your selfish sharing, your kind-hearted deviance.

Comment by ryanstgermain 04.01.10 @ 4:52 pm

Ryan you say the most dangerous things to me. i haven’t forgotten what you did to me. *wink*

thank you.

Comment by Gracie 04.01.10 @ 7:09 pm

I want to be him 😉

Comment by Showmesecrets 04.02.10 @ 6:09 am

There isn’t much fun in it if it isn’t a little dangerous, is there?

Comment by ryanstgermain 04.05.10 @ 4:19 pm

@SMS *smile*

@Ryan you are very right. the rush makes it so alluring.

Comment by Gracie 04.05.10 @ 4:25 pm

I love your satiation post. I was at a SM party last weekend and a sub took the handle of a flogger deep in her while being flogged and quirt all over the floor. I wonder if there was funny smell in that hotel room the next day. haha

Comment by Fem-dom 04.12.10 @ 9:02 pm

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