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telling V
Sunday July 01st 2007, 10:29 pm
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“V, come here. i have something to tell you.”

i sat on the edge of the bed and watched the closet door creep open. out he came on all fours crawling over to me where he took his place at my feet sitting on his feet.

i pushed my foot towards him to remove my shoe.

“there are going to be some changes,” carefully watching his face as i said those words.

he looked up at me mid unbuckling with worry painted on his face.

“oh don’t be so neurotic slut,” as i wiggled my foot for him to finish his chore.

he jolted back to his task but i could tell his mind was racing.

“i have taken ownership of a beautiful fuckdoll.” he perked up at the sentence. “her name is Sin and i think you will enjoy her occasional company.” he nodded his head in agreement as the real indication of compliance was in his bobbing cock. “so now i have what i always wanted, a boy and a girl. a girl just like me, so i can fuck myself.” my shoe dropped from his hands and he quickly picked it up to put it away. “you can speak.”

he was focusing on removing my other shoe and talked into it. “now, you have two cunts and a cock.”

i smiled, “mmmmm, yes i do. now hurt for me pet.”

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Tell me something

mmm gracie.. there is something in your writing that resonates. *smile*

thank you darling Shibari.

that makes me smile.


Comment by shibari 07.01.07 @ 11:29 pm

You’re a maestro.

why thank you Tom.

Comment by Tom 07.02.07 @ 4:52 am

I was wondering how V would take it. poor little slut.

“poor little slut”, he is perfectly fine with this. there is nothing poor about it.

i take very good care of the things i own.

treasures are nothing to be thrown away…because they are treasures.

Comment by Bad Bad Girl 07.02.07 @ 9:32 am

lucky you … *grin*
(and lucky V!)

yes, yes.

Comment by Dirty Thirty 07.02.07 @ 10:35 am


*evil grin*

Comment by silence 07.02.07 @ 12:03 pm

such a seductive conversation, so delightfully delivered. He’s a very lucky little slut. I hope he submitted in the appropriate manner, given the gift you’ve offered to him *smile*

he always does.

Comment by dirtyboy 07.02.07 @ 1:44 pm

Oooh, the possibilities of three are endless. I’m excited to read of it!

thank you Chris. there is plenty more to come.

Comment by Chris 07.02.07 @ 4:16 pm

Mm, mm, mm… 🙂

thank you Teacher. *smile*

Comment by The Teacher 07.02.07 @ 5:10 pm

thank You, Grace. i always want to do my best to satisfy You. i am Yours for your amusement.
your slut

mmmmmm yes, you always satisfy V.


Comment by vslut 07.02.07 @ 9:37 pm

If Hardin were in that situation, he would most definitely not be hurting!

well my Cherrie, V hurting is not a bad thing at all. it’s a good thing for him. you should see how hard he gets when he hurts for me. the term “hurt for me” is like “sit” for a dog. it is a trick that i have trained him on.

everything is positive in this realm.


Comment by Cherrie 07.02.07 @ 11:11 pm

Her wishes are very important to me. if my pain gets Her cunt wet then i will give Her my pain. she need only tell me and i will give it to Her. it is Her needs that get me hard

V, i love the way you write. you are so poetic for a slut.


Comment by vslut 07.03.07 @ 11:24 am

Oh this is exciting indeed!

oh yes.

Comment by Mina 07.03.07 @ 11:17 pm

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