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taught and tight
Wednesday November 08th 2006, 9:42 pm
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as he was reading aloud passages from the latest book (the 48 laws of power), i had realized how much of it i had already known. some of it through experience and some of it through conversations with my mother. you see in our family and culture…the women are more dominant and strong. that doesn’t mean my beta husband is my lesser. it just means we butt heads a lot, it is very strange that we manage to make it work. the alpha and the beta, the aquarius and the capricorn, the dragon and the tiger.

he closed the book and walked around to my side of the bed. pulled up my right arm above my head really firm. he slapped my right tit and i moaned with the sting.

“you like that?”


he grabbed my other arm and joined it with the other one. i gripped his interlaced fingers as he repeatedly slapped each tit making sure to sting at the nipple. i squirmed to each hit and he pulled me on to my side to let gravity pull my breasts heavy. he continued the hits as his mouth kissed up the side of my flesh and biting at the back flesh he could grab. i hissed as i never knew what would be a kiss or bite. he pulled me completely on my stomach to have at my ass. his hits are now harder and i yelp and cry out in pain. i feel like a child trying to escape the hurt, yet i am compelled to stay there.

“get on your knees and put your hands behind your head.”

he stares at me with a fixation and bends down to grab my collar. i still have this inner joy when he decides to wrap that around my neck. it is quite a decision to leave my neck open for choking and strangulation or to be collared. i pull my hair up into my hands on the back of my head. he wraps it around and i bend forward so he can fasten it. he attaches the leash and i stare as his face. he is in such a deep concentration and i wonder what he thinks about when he collars me up like a pet or a toy.

i feel a yank as he tugs me to my feet on the ground. i follow up into the closet as he picks out his clothes for today. he yanks me back to the side of the bed and stares at me as he sits at the edge. he pulls me over his open legs and grabs my left leg up over his lap. my face in the bed as he still has a firm grip on my collar he starts to beat my ass. i shriek in pain as my ass starts to burn and i know it is very red. i feel his finger graze right underneath my panties by my slit. i am sure he was checking to see if i was wet, i was. he forcefully shoves the fabric to the side and sinks in two fingers. i clamp around them grinding against him. my moans grow louder and i can feel him trying to loosen up my tight cunt. i keep gripping him as i feel him hit my g spot and i come hard against him.

“get on the bed.”

i crawl up on all fours. he unfastens the collar, “shake that ass.” i start to sway from side to side. i can hear him walk out of the room, the faucet turns on and seconds later he returns to wash up my wet cunt.

“damn baby you are hella tight,” he tells me as he cleans me. he almost says this out of concern.

“i know.”

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