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Wednesday June 30th 2010, 7:39 pm
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he was behind me playing with my nipples, our legs were tangled and i was coming against his thigh. i had positioned my ear next to his mouth so i could feel him breathing against my ear. i was focused on what he was doing to my nipples when he spoke softly.

“are you hungry?”

the words didn’t really register to me. i knew we hadn’t eaten yet and it was already late into the day. i tried to speak but words wouldn’t come out only packets of breaths or little moans. as i tried to answer him i had managed another orgasm as he played with my left nipple. i kept pushing against his wet thigh and gripping him or the bed or the broken head board.

“y-y-yeah, what do you feel like?” i manged to formulate as clearly as i could as he did not back off on playing with me.

he seemed a little startled at an actual response.

“i kinda forgot about food, i was distracted.” he answered.

i chuckled slightly. he continued playing and i continued coming.

it really didn’t matter what he was saying to me because just hearing the calmness of his voice in my ear was adding to the sensation of his touch. i kept coming.

when the intensity calmed down we laid there.

“if i didn’t know any better, you were coming from me just playing with your nipples.” he said.

“yes, i do.”

“you are the only woman i have ever been with that can come that way.” (mind you has been with MANY) he said to me.

“really?” i am surprised because i know how many women he has been with.

“yes and i have never been with someone that can orgasm as much as you do,” he told me.

i am pretty sure i am blushing a little by now.

the whole weekend was a blur of sex, fingering, kissing, sucking, gagging and swallowing. the bed was pretty much always soaked beyond belief and i can’t count the number of showers i had to take or the crazy sex hair i had all weekend that needed to be pulled back in a rubber band.

what i do know, is i needed a long of weekend of food and sex. it’s never enough and it always ends too soon. lucky me, i get another long weekend and it starts Friday again.

Thank you Fleshbot!

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Don’t you just love the crazy sex hair…LOL. Sounds like a great weekend!!

Mmmm, I do so love having sensitive nipples…it’s like your whole body has an orgasm, isn’ it?!

Comment by Mimi 07.01.10 @ 5:26 pm

the only un-fun part about sex hair is combing it out after washing it.

sensitive nipples are fabulous.

Comment by dark gracie ® 07.08.10 @ 7:41 pm

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