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Wednesday June 13th 2007, 7:58 am
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i was dying all night long. the last time he had touched me was at least seven days ago. i was naked fresh out of the tub and laying on the bed in the dark room. he kept fingering my ass and grazing against my cunt. i squirmed and ached for him to give me physical attention.

my ass would rise and fall to his touch and i made it obvious. he shifted upward and i felt his mouth clamp on ass. my body shook as his tongue snaked and probed at the tightness. i am dying as this urgency swept upward to my lungs and heart. i can felt him leave a pool of saliva at the bud of my ass and i wondered why for a split second.

i had a sense of panic rush over me when he pressed his cock against the entrance to my ass. i closed my eyes and took a deep breath as he eased inside of me and started to fuck me. i grunted with each push and clawed the sheets. his fingers dug into the flesh of my hips and i was still shocked, stunned and high that he was fucking my ass. thoughts of him cumming inside started to swim in my mind and i bucked against him wanting him deeper inside of me.

he guided me on my back sliding one finger down to my clit and his mouth on my nipple. my lips part and a shaky breath jutted out. my hands gripped at his arms, his shoulders and back. i can feel his muscles tense and his teeth scraped my soft flesh. his tongue slid up my neck to my chin and i felt a sudden bite, it startled me and i bite into the flesh of his arm. i pushed against his finger needing more from him as his body enveloped me.

he slithered down my body taking bits of my flesh into his mouth that causes me to jerk. my muscles tensed and released with each bite. his tongue met my hardened clit and i sucked in a lung full of air. my eyes closed and i bit my bottom lip. when he licks and sucks on me i always feel like a frozen prey. i lie there gasping and barely making a noise and that is because i want to soak in every second, every lick, every touch from him. then like a flood at the gates pounding its way through i lose it and come like a storm.

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QUOTE: my ass would rise and fall to his touch
At times, it is as if our bodies are that of a marionette’s and the slightest touch contracts our strings and we are without control. The control is then in the hands of our puppeteer perched high above us.

i love your poetic comment Teacher. i guess that is why they call you the Teacher. *smile*

i love that feeling so much. the body and mind so connected along with the “puppeteer”. it makes for great intensity and love.

Comment by The Teacher 06.13.07 @ 1:20 pm

His surprises for you are delightful.

mmmm yes Chris. i swear if my memory serves me correctly he did this same act almost a year ago to be exact or very close. i wonder if something is in the air.


Comment by Chris 06.13.07 @ 4:16 pm

Beautifully written, gracie! I can only hope that my first anal sex experience with lover, will feel as wonderful.

well my dear mina i cannot wait to hear about it when you do have it.

Comment by Mina 06.14.07 @ 8:08 am

Your desires melt my screen into a dripping Dali-esque vignette.

oh Al, thank you for stopping by. your comments always make me feel good inside.

Comment by Al Sensu 06.14.07 @ 10:27 pm

Gracie… Thanks for visiting my blog.. I love your posts. Question.. is that your id… on your pic? and Anais Nin.. fabulous.. I think we could be friends! HHNT

Shibari, thank you for stopping by. i promise to come back and read you this weekend. i adore anais nin tremendously. i have to say no, that is not my photo anywhere on my blog, etc. i have them of course and i will be glad to share them discreetly with you.

anyone who can appreciate anais nin is a friend of mine.


Comment by Shibari 06.14.07 @ 11:49 pm

~~winks* at Shibari~~
Hi, Gracie! You combined your three blogs into one!
I like that. You know, I’m not only a fan Anais Nin, but a very big fan too, of Henry Miller. Both of them were amazing in their writing. Nin’s Diaries! I spent an entire Summer reading all of them…Amazing, Childhood and onward..
~~Then again, your writing reminds me of her’s:
It’s passion; bluntness. You have the edge of Miller, mixed with the colors of Nin.
Take care.
xx,adam b. (I like Shibari’s writing for the same reasons~~I’m happy to call her a friend, too.

thank you adam that is so kind of you to say.

perhaps it was from your blog that i found shibari.

Comment by adam b. 06.15.07 @ 1:03 am

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