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Thursday November 17th 2005, 9:34 pm
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I just got home, sitting in the dark and I am aching for a fuck. It has been on my mind all day and I have been chatting about it. I have been hot since 10am and I have never cooled down.

You’re sleeping so soundly in our bed. I know you’re naked and I know that if I went in there and just groped your dick you would want me. I know that if I stripped down naked and put on something nice for you, you would want me too.

My pussy aches and it is tingly. I am wet and ready. I have told you before, I want you to take it. Even if I say “no” you know I mean “yes”, it all apart of the game sweetheart. So, don’t just stand there and stare…take it.

You know you want to snarl, growl and moan at me. You know you want to grab, toss, bite and scratch me. I will whimper and I will yelp, but inside I will smile as you take what is rightfully yours. I like it when you command me and yes I resist on purpose, I like to keep you happy but I still like to tease and play hard to get. Or perhaps I just like the consequences of my naughty actions. I like to be punished when I have done wrong. I like hearing you tell me I am being a bad bitch.

Mmmmmmmmm…give it to me good and just take it.

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