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Tuesday September 16th 2008, 3:16 pm
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Please note: the following is a Deviant Dreams post. read at your own risk.

the other night while talking with V, he mentioned he tied his ankles together while sleeping. i mentioned that a collar around the neck would have been better. “i don’t have one,” he explained. a thought sprung into my mind, “i want to make a tag with “v” on it,” i slithered. this thought inspired V in such a way that he wrote the following. yes, i am going to get a silver tag made for him. it just seems so fitting…


the door opens to my closet flooding the dakness, exposing me naked and tethered. my cock hardness at Her voice.  Her heel digs lightly into my side.

“time for my slut to come out for a little while,” she purrs.  It’s the type of purr that, after two years, i still haven’t learned to decipher.  pleasure, malice, benevolence, disappointment?  i won’t know until i find out.  i suppose i shouldn’t try to second guess it, but i can’t help it sometimes.  She squats down, reaching over my head to untie me.  if i were stupid enough to look, i’d see Her shaved cunt exposed beneath her short black skirt.  She roughly pushes her breasts into my face as She loosens the leather strap, expecting and receiving no resistance.  my cock throbs.  it feels like forever since She let me out.

perhaps it’s because i strayed that she’s kept me locked up. but whether that’s out of spite or concern is something only She can answer.  all i know is that i’m grateful to feel the tug on my neck, leading me out into Her bedroom.  She holds the tether lightly in Her right hand as if i’m a show dog.  i try to keep my eyes on the back of Her legs and not Her ass that plays peekaboo under the skirt or fleeting glimpses of Her cunt lips.  She leads me to the center of the floor and turns on Her heel, staring down at me.

“kneel,” she smiles sweetly.

i raise myself to my knees, arms behind my back.  the head of my cock is purple from need.  i don’t remember the last time she allowed me to cum for Her.  i am only allowed to torture my balls and nipples while in the closet but not to touch my cock.  She surveys me for several minutes, walking around me, murmuring to Herself before stopping in front of me.  Her hand pushes under Her skirt pushing a small sigh from Her lips.

“you know better than to look, slut,” She lolls as Her fingers play, “you know much better than that.”  She pulls Her fingers  back, licking them clean, eyes boring into me to assure that i behave properly.  Quickly, Her foot shoots out towards my balls, stopping just short.  my eyes close in anticipation of the pain but i manage to keep my muscles from reacting.  i shake all over.

just as suddenly, i feel Her hand around my throat, Her voice ragged and husky.  “Goddamn you, v,” she breathes into my face, “you’d let Me, wouldn’t you.  you’d let me destroy your slut-balls without flinching.”  Her nails push deeper into my neck.  “Open your mouth.  Push out your tounge.” i do so and feel a stream of warm spit drop onto it. the pressure increases on my neck.  “Swallow,” she tells me almost breathlessly.  as Her spit glides down my throat, the tip of Her shoe nails my cock to my belly.

“jesus,” She moans, “I want to fucking hurt you, v.  and I plan to.  i’m not fucking happy that I had to go looking for you.  you’ll understand that soon enough.”  Her nails feel on the verge of puncturing my throat and i feel tears beginning to well up in my eyes.  “yesss,” She continues, “give me your tears, v.  I’m taking all of you.  every millimeter.  every cell.  I plan on drinking deeply from your cries and wails.”  Her other hand quickly and forcefully crashes across my face bringing a hard, high yip from my lips and unleashing the tears.

“mmmm,” She sighs in a cross between a laugh and an orgasm, “like that.  yessss, v, but much, much more heartfelt.  I do have a present for you, though, my little whore.  a nice, shiny silver tag with your name on it.  the only question that remains is…where to put it.”

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Oh how I have missed these!

Comment by Mina 09.16.08 @ 9:55 pm

*smiles at mina…blushes*

Comment by v 09.17.08 @ 12:55 pm

No wonder you (gracie) describe the relationship as “dangerous.” The detail about self-bondange and then the abrupt ending… It’s like watching the sharpening and re-sharpening of a knife.

Comment by Prof. Sci. 09.17.08 @ 5:30 pm

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