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tag, i am it
Tuesday June 26th 2007, 11:18 am
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Hardin at The Sensuous Libertine has decided to tag me with the latest meme running around called “seven random facts”. i have done something similar in the past with: six wicked me’s.

me being who i am i decided to change the rules since i am sure of the almost 2 years of blogging i have revealed many random facts about myself. so i am going to leave my seven random facts to you: ask me a question and i will answer it.

i will pick out the 7 questions left in the comments of this post and i will add on to the bottom of this post the question and the answer. i will not answer questions about my physical appearance, location or job. so have fun with it.

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Tell me something

What is your favorite manifestation of obeisance/ gratitude (they’re one in the same, no?): whimpering pain, blood, or something else?

Comment by Tom 06.26.07 @ 3:13 pm

I’m assuming you haven’t, your entire life, always been able to have multiple orgasms. How have you been able to achieve these on a somewhat regular basis?

Comment by needle.freak 06.26.07 @ 4:29 pm

i can be greedy *wink*, but understand if only one is picked. . . .

guys are asked if they are ‘tit guys’ or ‘ass guys’ or even some of us can cream over the look of a women eyes – what turns you on most about a man?

and / or

what physical act have you never experienced but would like to?

Comment by woodinhand 06.26.07 @ 8:55 pm

Do you feel your blog reflects the REAL you? Or is there so much more that we don’t know?

Are you married?

Ok I don’t like rules either…that was more than one question, but I learned from the best…YOU! *nibble softly*

Comment by kitty 06.27.07 @ 5:20 am

You first had sex when you were 18 and you’re married to that man. Yet you’ve had sex with 3 men. Do you fantasize a lot about fucking other men or mostly about your own man?

Comment by Chilli 06.27.07 @ 6:26 am

What’s better…seeing man cum, hearing a man cum, or watching and hearing a man cum?

Comment by NC 06.27.07 @ 9:48 am

What is your quirkiest physical attribute?

Mine is the large, pale birthmark on my lower back. It can sometimes make me look dirty — you know in the not sexy way.

Comment by raven in nyc (mark) 06.27.07 @ 1:23 pm

What is the most burning ambition, sexual or otherwise, that you have not fulfilled?
This is an excellent twist on the meme I tagged you with, and thanks for allowing the audience to participate.

Hardin, since i already posted the my answers, i will answers yours here and i do hope you find it. *smile*

the one thing that comes to my mind would be having a long-term female lover. i am Bi and i do ache for a female from time to time. i do have my eyes set on one and luckily her and i are very similar sexually and that is what i have always wanted in a female lover. because selfishly i want to fuck myself.

Comment by Hardin 06.27.07 @ 9:37 pm

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