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Friday January 05th 2007, 2:25 pm
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the room was dark E was between my legs and his tongue was searching my clit. his hands were coated with latex gloves and they gripped my thighs apart. the first licks triggered a furry of desperation and lust causing me to gasp and squirm with each connection. slowly i started to calm down and caught myself not breathing at certain points. i had to remind myself to breathe as he steadily licked me. i laid there with my eyes closed motionless as if under this trance. i concentrated on how hard my clit was and how wet i was growing.

his right hand trailed down my stomach over the small patch of hair, my hardened, wet clit and down to insert inside of me. he forced in three fingers and positioned himself beside me to cover my nose and mouth. right before his gloved hand came down over me i felt like i was about to come. instead it was hindered with my sudden lack of air. the sensation of his fingers inside of my cunt were heightened. the more senses cut off, the more i was feeling every bit of movement and thrust. my hand rested on his arm till my back arched and i just had to breathe again. i rapidly tapped my hand on his arm, slowly he lifted and his fucking fingers kept in place and in pace. i felt this urgency to come and i pushed it away.

his famous words, “turn over.”

i turned over and pulled my feet to the ground. my arms were above my head as it rested on the mattress. his feet pushed under mine as i was on my tippy toes and his cock found its way inside my swollen cunt. i was lost in the act and almost felt like something wasn’t quite right. my mind started to wonder to words i have read and then to a conversation that i could see vividly in my mind at that very moment with V. i felt dizzy as my arousal seemed to peak and i wanted to lose it as E fucked me gripping his fingers into my flesh.

his cock pulled out and he forced his fingers back inside of me. within mere seconds he was hitting my g-spot and i felt this flood of intensity wash over me. i came, but it wasn’t that orgasm where i cursed V silently. i still need to come like that and it needs to be soon.

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Amazing where our minds can wander while our bodies are being worked. Amazing what we get can make us want. Very honest. I liked it.

thank you love.

Comment by Chris 01.05.07 @ 4:08 pm

Yummy yummy yummy

for your…?

Comment by Rae 01.05.07 @ 6:11 pm

Hello Grazzy! Nice to see you havent lost that twisted animal drive you have! I wouldnt want to find out that I was the ONLY one out here to be that way!

no storm i would never lose that “twisted animal drive” that i possess. i am sure we are not the only ones.


Comment by Storm Rider 01.06.07 @ 7:52 am

ah beautiful gracie. i want to bring you to your knees.

oh you do? how would you manage that pan?


Comment by Pandora 01.06.07 @ 6:34 pm

Beautiful and erotic. I tagged this under our delicious tags. People want to know what we like to read? This is it.

I’m wet already.

Best to read it twice!


thank you HER. i have not quite figured out what the hell delicious is, but i appreciate it.

glad it made you wet, that means i wrote it right.


Comment by Desire X 01.06.07 @ 8:29 pm

I am definitely not getting in your way! The thought of you being frustrated is frightening!

oh my dear you think that is frightening…nevermind, that is another thing.

i thought you liked a challenge cherrie.


Comment by Cherrie 01.06.07 @ 11:20 pm

Your focus is amazing. Every time I read you I get a little more inkling of what breath play is. You’re a unique babe. And I think it would be interesting to cum under your gaze 😀

“cum under your gaze” wow py, i am not sure how to respond to that. but, i do love to watch. *wink*

Comment by pyrhonik 01.07.07 @ 10:24 pm

Ahhh, I have missed these beautiful musings, these intriguing and extremely hot little mind teasers, always leaving me wanting … Wonderful ! Happy New Year … Hugs – A (check our Chinese New Years wish)

thank you aragorn. i enjoyed your new year post.

Comment by aragorn 01.09.07 @ 5:09 am

OMG!! My bell end is moist now. Thankyou 😉

you’re welcome.


Comment by Suck Me 01.10.07 @ 7:02 am

mmmm Gracie.. I hate that you are left wanting, but then I suspect it leaves this dark wildness in your eyes. If you need someone to take your frustration out on… let me help you.

those are dangerous words to let loose in the current state i am in. *wink*

thank you for the offer. i was jealous you sent rae that email! *laughing*

Comment by Bad Bad Girl 01.10.07 @ 8:16 am

well then I will have to do whatever I can to assure you that I want you just as much…

i want to say you are a tease. then i want to say “wanna dance with the devil bbg?” i guarantee you won’t be the same after i am through with you.

Comment by Bad Bad Girl 01.10.07 @ 10:23 am

mmmm…. promise??

uh huh.

Comment by Bad Bad Girl 01.10.07 @ 6:54 pm

Mmmmm gracie… you tease me so. What would you like to hear me say ? Would you like to know that I would love to lick you, tease you and bite you in your most intimate folds. The intoxication of your scent and your arousal too much for the both of us to endure. Bringing us both crashing to our knees. Surrendering to our womanly lust.

naughty pan. that might work. i think i might rather bring you to your knees in an entirely different fashion.


Comment by Pandora 01.10.07 @ 9:59 pm

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