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sometimes it is sweet
Saturday September 02nd 2006, 7:45 am
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we were hissing words at each other like spits of poison. i was too exhausted to argue. i dropped the matter. couples bicker at times and thank god for us it is never often.

i finish my face and head towards the bed. he pats the bed next to him and puts out an arm. that non-vocal gesture of “peace”. i accept and lay awkwardly near him a little stand offish. i curl on my side mumbling, “i cannot lay like that”.

he gets out of the bed and rounds around towards my side. i think to myself, “he could not be coming over here to mess with, that would just be…perfect”.

he adjusts me all the way on my stomach. pushes my arms up over my head. i don’t say a word at the jerky motions like i am his living play doll. he pushes one cheek of my panties over to expose my right cheek. he starts to spank it. i jolt a little. he takes three swats and turns me over. he pushes up my tank top and spreads my legs.

“i wanted to see how beautiful you are,” as he pressed his hard on against my clit.

i respond with a small moan as he presses. i cannot recall the last time i felt a hard on pressed against me with not being completely naked. he sucks and licks my nipples. god, it has been so long since he has done this to me. i start to squirm as he makes my eyes flutter. he shifts to lay to my left cradling me, keeping tight and close. he rocks slightly and stares right into my eyes.

“i love you,” he whispers with such conviction.

“i love you,” i whisper back with equal conviction.

he nuzzled into me and i realized how long it has been since we had a moment like this. realizing that life is so precious that it is so important to just love those that really matter. we were locked for several minutes in this loving, sweet embrace.

he slowly with care separated from me.

“mmmm, i want to see that ass,” he moans.

he positions himself behind me with his knee directly between my legs. he pushes my pelvis upward to that my pussy rested on the round of his bent knee. he pulled my panties down the curve of my ass. he started to spank me and these were not love taps. he spanked hard focusing on my right cheek. each whack resulted in my pelvis grinding against this knee. i started to yelp and cry out when the pain started to sear my flesh. the burn almost seemed unbearable. he then added in the left cheek. it did not seem to matter now. it all hurt and the burn was apparent.

i kept grinding against his knee with each hit, and i started to grind more in between with this mixture of pleasure and pain. he slowly pushed in two fingers deep in my cunt. i starting moaning and groaning. i was grinding back against his fingers and knee. my pace and push grew faster and harder. i felt this rise in my body as i started to come on his fingers and i let out a long satisfying groan. i gripped the sheets of the bed as the wave hit me just as hard as his spanks.

my head fell to my pillow and he got up only pulling my panties half way up my ass. i started to fall asleep as he washed up my wetness. all i remember is him asking me if i was really going to sleep like that. yet, i wake up this morning completely naked. hmmmmm.

no matter what i say or do, he is love and life. nothing is going to change that. i know the difference between lust and love.

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Love adds a lot of security which leads to wild and crazy moments. Moments that draw each of you closer together. Very nice.

Comment by Mr. Husbland 09.02.06 @ 8:25 am

Nice one Gracie & E.

Comment by dirty thirties 09.02.06 @ 11:29 am

Love is just amazing, so amazing it brings tears to my eyes just thinking those words.

Moments of sweetness, melt my heart and open my soul to the person I love, the word simply isn’t strong enough to convey everything it provides me with.

To not know the difference is a sadness beyond the limits.

Comment by Jemima 09.02.06 @ 2:09 pm

What a wonderful mix of love and lust.

Comment by Pandora 09.02.06 @ 9:30 pm

the correct combination ! and yes …. Love … the needed inportant spice to make yr life extremely delicious.

i feel happy knowing that u feel that !

Comment by kindabiz 09.02.06 @ 10:54 pm

Now that’s how to make up after an argument!

Comment by Cherrie 09.02.06 @ 11:29 pm

mister h – thank you!

dirty – thank you love.

jemima – that is beautiful and i completely see it. *smile*

pandora – why thank you.

kindabiz – thank you biz. it is a perfect combination.

cherrie – hee hee i know.

Comment by Gracie 09.04.06 @ 8:36 am


How is it that i have not found you before this!

Good stuff here!

love it… and will be back for seconds and thirds…
His toy

Comment by His fucktoy 09.05.06 @ 7:54 pm

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