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something wicked this way
Monday April 28th 2008, 10:35 pm
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the air has changed and i can smell it. the date has been set and the waiting has been going on for a very long time. the anticipation is the foreplay and the meeting up will be the climax. the unknown is what tantalizes me and what i do know arouses me.

i had the shittiest of mondays today. i am not one to complain too much but this was utter shit.

when dusk hit i stripped the two pieces of clothing i had on. my new working from home uniform may be just panties or panties and a “leave nothing to the imagination” tank top. the shower ran as i gathered towels. i scrubbed and washed away this day, leaving it swirling down the drain.

my mind was already set on porn and masturbation. i was hoping someone would entertain my hearing senses and vivid imagination but alas i was left to my own vices. when i watch porn it has to be it has to be real. i don’t need much since my mind gets over stimulated so very easily. i watch and watch. i lay there in the dark with my legs slightly spread and pushing against my panties. i can feel the wetness pooling as i watch more and more. i wait and wait. i don’t touch myself at all as i watch and occasionally i will squirm, wet my lips or bite my lower lip.

what i watch is what i want. what do i want? lately it’s cock buried deep inside of me. it’s feeling a man cum inside of me, him fingering me with his cum till i come violently. it’s being beneath him as he overpowers me and takes me. it’s melting into lust and letting him have his way with me. i am easy.

writing about it quickens my breath. thinking about it makes me tense my thighs. closing my eyes displays this scene of viral lust with the violence of scratching, biting and grabbing. i want to bite into his shoulder as he fucks me. i want to dig my nails into his back as he cums inside of me. i want him to know it was real and see the proof when he stares into the mirror.

i want it all and i want more.

yes, there is something in the air.

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i wish i could be that man.. 😉

Comment by jonathan 04.29.08 @ 12:06 am

Mmmmmm, delicious wants. I have missed your words, Gracie dear.

Comment by Chris 04.29.08 @ 6:43 pm

You want it all and more, count me in baby, I am there. I heard that someone is posting on his blog again, hint hint…..have fun talk to you soon.

Comment by Kittystiger 04.30.08 @ 8:38 pm

My wild, fierce and greedy Gracie. How glad I am that you have not changed!

Comment by Liras 05.07.08 @ 8:36 am

i want it all and more too!!!!

Comment by darkpixie 05.08.08 @ 12:52 pm

Great blog, and great looking too.

Comment by Lee Coles 05.16.08 @ 1:12 pm

Is it spring? Or is there something else skittering across the countryside, giving us all this itch?

Comment by Prospero 05.16.08 @ 9:47 pm

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