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Tuesday November 08th 2005, 9:32 pm
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Since our weekends are a whirlwind of sex and for some reason my memory sucks. I will reminisce about last night.

First of all we are on a mission to get some new toys. We get in the car and drive to Berkeley because I just remembered Good Vibrations. Yes, the store is mild for our taste but it did carry some rather fun toys to hold us over till we make our next, a little more fetish orientated purchases.

I must make a quick mention on a toy I did purchases since I am always looking for something to get the job done. This toy is called a LAYAspot and I must say it did the trick. The nice thing about the LAYA is it is waterproof (tested and worked) and I did get a brilliant orgasm off of it. I do only wish it was softer but it did not seem to matter during my grinding…more about that later.

On our way home from Berkeley and I might add this is a 45 mile trip. I get horny and I am driving a 5-speed. My husband and I engage in talking about sex and what is to come later on that evening. I reach over to his lap and feel his hard bulge in his jeans. I tell him to take out his dick. He obliges to my request. I proceed to jack him off all the way home. I was very tempted on several occasions to just pull over and suck him off. Yet, I just wanted to get home to get fucked.

We get in the house, I pull out one of the new toys, throw in batteries, grab my “evening attire”, run a bath and strip. As I laid in the tub, I turn on the LAYA and place it between my legs. Immediately, I get a sensation tingling running up my body and it causes me to turn over on my stomach. I am leaning my head against the edge of the tub, with my arms crossed pinching my nipples and my hips sway to the pleasure. My eyes are closed and I grow hotter and hotter.

My husband comes in and starts to touch my ass. Like a magnet my ass pulls towards his touches. It comes out of the water and he asks how the toy is. I moan in approval and his fingers glide over my wet pussy. I am aching for some cock and he brought in a dildo. With my ass still out of the water he easily slips in the dildo. Anything in my pussy is good to me and I love it. He starts to fuck my pussy as I slowly keep bringing my ass more and more out of the water into a doggy style pose. He starts to slow down and I don’t complain. I am anxious to play with the other toys we purchased.

While the hubby takes a quick shower, I am getting dressed. I slip on a super tight, stretchy see through t- shirt and a black thong. As I am checking out my ass in the mirror in the bedroom, my husband walks out of the bathroom and says…”nice”. I smile and proceed with my slutty red lipstick. He wants me to stand there while he circles around me like I am his prey. He touches my ass and grabs at my boobs. He has me bend over the bed as he squeezes my pussy from behind. He takes a few slaps at my ass. I just get hotter as he toys with my body.

He tells me to get on the bed on all fours and I obey. He pulls the thong over to the right and tongues at my asshole. I start to wiggle with pleasure, I love how he licks and digs his tongue into my ass. He goes downward and licks my clit and shoves his tongue into my pussy. My wiggles become violent thrusts as I just grow in excitement. I want more and more. He talks to me and asks me questions all I can whimper is “Yes Daddy” over and over. I am lost and hot. He spits on my asshole, rubs his finger in it and he shoves his hard dick into my wanting pussy. I love his hard cock in me and I love how he manipulates my body. My pleasure is his pleasure and my willingness is his turn on.

I feel warm lube hit my asshole and run down to my pussy. My husband moans when he feels this warmth sink in around his thrusting cock (He must not have known the lube had a warming effect). He then pushes in a small butt plug. It glides in with ease and no pain. When I realized it was in, I was a little disappointed on the no pain factor. I made a mental note to purchase a larger one next time. None the less having both holes filled at once was nice and naughty. This sight turned my husband on even more. He loved seeing this the base of a butt plug covering my ass. He would push it in, as it would slowly pull outward. As he fucked me it would push in the butt plug which just made the whole experience rather exhilarating.

As he grew tired in ramming my pussy he exchanged with a dildo. He wanted me to cum hard and he chanted this over and over. I started to finger my hard wet clit as he filled both holes. Thoughts of a cock in my mouth made me hotter. He placed my new vibrator under my clit and I started to press up against it. It felt so good and I grew hotter and hotter and the slut in me came out. I could feel the rise in my body and my pleasure. As I started to grind my vibrator while being fucked in all holes I could feel that orgasm coming like a train. As it was drawing closer I yelped “ I love being fucked in my holes” and at that point it hits good and hard. I am spent and weak.

I lay on my back panting and basking in this ecstasy and actually willing to go for round two because getting it makes me want it more. My husband pulls out the last new toy. They are called Supple Nipps, two little nipple suction devices. We follow the directions and both of my nipples are being tugged. This is hot to my pervy husband. It makes my little, pink nipples swollen as they are pulled in each cup. You could squeeze the sides and feel the tension and of course a little pain. I must say it is rather lovely.

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