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Saturday March 17th 2007, 2:47 pm
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because the week has just been a blur of orgasms and wetness i can only offer snippets on the most memorable moments…

i was laying on my back and E had the rabbit shoved inside of me. my fingers were a barrier from the vibrating bunny and my clit. the vibrations were so strong that it caused me to become paralyzed and E sensed my climbing orgasm. my fingers were a conduit to the undying vibrations to this result.

“see God bitch.”

i heard that phrase and he knew what was about to happen with my “oh my god, oh my god” chanting. i felt i was leaving my body through my wide open eyes and gaping mouth. i stopped breathing as my body stiffened straight. the intensity was indescribable. when my body registered to breathe i snapped out of my awaken coma and my eyes welled up with tears as i started to cry. the sobs were real and i almost balled up. the colors, the floating, the highest of highs. i can still see it, i only try to feel it over and over.

he was in tub and i sauntered in naked, stepped between his legs facing the wall and bent in half. his soapy hands glided in the crevices of my ass and cunt. i waited and wondered if he was going to slip his fingers inside of me. i waited a little bit longer and broke the silence, “can you see my pussy through my legs?”

he answered with, “yes.”

his fingers still glided and trailed my thighs. “is it pretty?”

his hand left my skin. “mhm you have a pretty pussy.” i felt his fingers trail against the folds and they pushed inside of me and my knees buckled beneath me. his fingers were relentless and my hands supported me against the wall. another finger pushed inside and my head pressed up against the wall as i heard my ragged breathing echo slightly against the smooth surface. i let out a quiet moan when another finger made its way inside of my slickness. i came around his fingers and my body jerked small waves in the water.

i literally cannot keep my hands off my cunt. the mere fact that i am in public and it is considered “indecent” is why i don’t touch myself so blatantly. when i commute or pushed up to my desk or in the bathroom or at home…my hand is there. during a friday night i had phone sex dripping easily through 4 layers of towels that i have now switched to 6 layers. i laid in the dark sucking off a dildo cock, plugging my tight ass with such sweet pain while abusing my cunt with another dildo. i ended my night sweaty, wet and panting.

i spent half of saturday masturbating behind a closed door while the cleaning lady was cleaning the rest of the house. i think it has been weeks since the “fuck room” has been vacuumed. i was watching porn as i had my 6 layers i was sitting on. i watched gang bangs, cock sucking and cocks cumming and i wanted to suck a cock so bad. i have been fixated with the act. i want to suck off as many cocks that can be placed in front of me. i want the cum, i want the filth and thinking about it now makes me insatiable again. sucking off a dildo does no justice for this need.

i want to be used and for the simple objectification of a fucktoy. i want that fulfillment of having all my holes filled at once with flesh…real flesh. i want hands grabbing my head to suck a cock and not in a nice way as he forces my head down to take in the full length fucking my mouth like a cunt. i want double penetration, i want cum seeping out of me as someone, anyone watches it leak out of me.

is that seriously too much to ask for in life?

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mmm, I don’t know if it’s too much to ask for, but the way you ask it makes me want you to have it. And makes me want to watch it.

well i am going to work on making that happen one way or another. i need it.

Comment by Bad Bad Girl 03.17.07 @ 3:09 pm

—See God Bitch. Isn’t it pretty. …sweaty, wet, and panting. Fucking my mouth like a cunt.—

All great images, Gracie, come to mind when reading these words.

why thank you teacher. *smile*

Comment by The Teacher 03.17.07 @ 4:58 pm

Definitely not too much to ask for, though I’ve been wanting the same very much lately. Insatiable is the only description of me these days…good to know I’m not the only one touching myself every chance I get. πŸ™‚

i would think with this many women WANTING it…you would think it wouldn’t be hard to find 3 or more guys willing to give it.

come on guys…where are you?

Comment by Alicia 03.17.07 @ 5:38 pm

guess its safe to say you’re just a little horny?


mhmmm *evil grin*

Comment by silenceup2nogood 03.17.07 @ 6:56 pm

The snippets are freaking incredible. No, it isn’t too much to ask for in life

thank you. *smile*

Comment by bosteen 03.18.07 @ 1:32 am

I don’t think we should be asking, we should be demanding!!! I want it and I want it fucking now!! Is that too much?

never ever my dear Art.

i do go by the motto…i always get what i want…always.

now with a twist…i always get what i fucking want and i want it fucking now. *evil grin*

Comment by ArtfulDodger 03.18.07 @ 8:41 am


all ive got to say is, you better get this out of your system before we travel…or not, shit, we’re staying in the red light district.

I totally fucking can’t wait to see you!

nah, if i find some euro dick..i am going for it. like you said we are in the red light district. *wink*

Comment by Bunny Lebowski 03.18.07 @ 5:02 pm

You’ve got a problem on your hands πŸ™‚

you call that a problem Al? oh come on! i just see it has a challenge. *wink*

Comment by Al Sensu 03.18.07 @ 9:11 pm

u aint asking too much … u just aint getting it toooo much !!

wish i cud help πŸ˜‰


you are silly K.

Comment by kindabiz 03.18.07 @ 10:37 pm

“is that seriously too much to ask for in life?”

Not at all. If that’s what you want, then that’s what you should have…


why thank you. i feel that it is not an unreasonable need.

Comment by Easily Aroused 03.19.07 @ 3:45 am

You’re so wonderful. Playing me like a flute, I should say. I love the image of you watching porn all day while the cleaning lady is taking care of her responsibilities. So wanton and delightful!

thank you my dear. i only wish there was a cock near by to satisfy me.

Comment by Tom 03.19.07 @ 1:56 pm

Mmmmmm. Delicious. I have missed your sex writing. Very vivid snippets.

thank you my darling. i only hoped the snippets would be “good enough”.


Comment by Chris 03.19.07 @ 3:12 pm

is that seriously too much to ask for in life?

I certainly hope not.

You said it so well!

i think i will do all i can to make that a reality and not some dirty thought in my mind.

Comment by wordslut 03.24.07 @ 6:34 pm

[…] get much done, paper wise. Logged the notebook onto the net and surfed a little, arrived at snippets; needed something quick to read, had the tissue box nearby, and stroked myself until I came. […]

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all i can say is wow…excellent post~

thank you david. it is nice to see new faces.


Comment by david 03.27.07 @ 11:17 am

i think i can barely breathe.

i am so appreciative of your honesty, but that coupled with your lack of cock hurts – all the way over here.

you know that i would fill you up until you weren’t, at last, not breathing…

fuck P, you send me wild. goddamn you.

Comment by The Provocateur 04.03.07 @ 10:44 pm

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