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snippets episode 2
Monday August 13th 2007, 12:43 pm
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i am alone at work. i settle on the couch with layers of towels beneath me, pants and panties pulled down and i waited. i have been anticipating a call for days now.

the phone rang and instead of minutes of idle chat he knew the moment i answered the phone. i knew i was desperate but it had been weeks since i had an orgasm.

my hand crawled between my legs slowly circling my clit. my eyes closed as i watched us in my mind. i was his “slut”, his “bitch” and both of our need surfaced with urgency.

i grabbed my vibrator and pushed it hard against my clit. i heard him cum loudly and with aggression. my body tensed as my lip curled. goddamn, it had been far too long. i came and i came with tears. i panted my way back to some form of normalcy as we caught up with each other like two old friends.


the phrase, “the more you get, the more you want” applies with my sexual appetite. my intense orgasms did not subside the dying need for a fuck and more. i want more and i need more. sexual thoughts course through my veins as i try so very hard to line up a call with D.

i spend the whole day thinking about getting off and to makes matters worse Mina and Amorphous add to the frustrations of my need.

but, because i am not in my own bed friday night, my call with D fails and i go to bed exhausted and squirming.


i run my 14 miles and this is no small feat. i fear that my sex drive will diminish after the extreme demands on my body. i go home, shower, crawl into bed and pass out.

when i come to, i find myself slowly feeling normal again. i start to watch porn online and like a trigger i need to fuck. E decides to take off late in the evening and i try to get a hold of D.

i lay there in the dark in my fuck room. the phone rings and i take a deep breath in and my heart starts to race. his voice makes me melt and instantly i am wet. he makes his demands of me, “plug your ass for me”, “fuck that cunt”, “beg me to come.” i do every little thing he asks of me because i want to hear him cum. i want to be the one that makes him lose his load.

the most memorable phrase that made him curse me…”i am Daddy’s Girl…i am Daddy’s Girl” over and over.


the pain to fuck grows much more demanding. i find myself watching more porn and the one clip that makes me grab frantically for the vibrator to get off is watching a husband plug and unplug his wife’s ass with a njoy. watching his fingers slide inside her and out, knowing he is licking them to be more slick to enter her, watching him molest her holes was getting me off.

i press the vibrator hard against me and i come in seconds grunting and panting.


you guessed it…i NEED to fuck.

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Oh the things that go on behind stage! What a delicious time you’ve had!


i told you i would fill you in.


Comment by Mina 08.13.07 @ 1:13 pm

Wow… very enticing indeed. Makes me wonder what you do for work that gives you so much time to enjoy yourself. Take care.

i don’t have that much time, but i like to keep my productivity at an expected lower then my potential so i can have time for my mind to wander where it needs to be.

Comment by Ben 08.13.07 @ 1:30 pm

Oh, and before I forget, I simply LOVE the photo of the barcode tattoo on your breast. I’m not sure if it’s real, or one of the seven, but my curiosity is peaked.

thank you.

i hate to ruin it for you but i do not post any photos of me on this blog.

no tattoos on the breasts..that is just too sacred of an area to defile with ink.

Comment by Ben 08.13.07 @ 1:32 pm

ahhh dear god… fuck… this is intensely arousing, gracie… you have such an exquisite way with words and mental images…

thank you love. that does mean something to me hearing it from you.


Comment by dirtyboy 08.13.07 @ 2:16 pm

Got the heartrate up over here, my dear.

well that is the point Tom…

Comment by Tom 08.13.07 @ 2:52 pm

lovely… beautiful.

thank you B.

Comment by Bad Bad Girl 08.13.07 @ 4:44 pm

You do need to fuck! I’m glad you’re getting orgasms. But I still say good, hard pounding. πŸ™‚

yes there is something very necessary about getting fucked.

Comment by Chris 08.13.07 @ 7:07 pm

as if it wasn’t bad before i read this, now i really need to fuck too. guess i’ll settle for some alone time tonight

awww i am sorry about that TF.

Comment by The Fury 08.13.07 @ 10:06 pm

gracie- i felt every pained word of this…and i too NEED to fuck! xoxo

thank you for suffering along with me Darkpixie.

Comment by darkpixie 08.14.07 @ 3:59 pm

Could feel your heat seeping out of the screen.
Wish I could help out .. πŸ™‚

that is a very kind thought D. *smile*

i like that.

Comment by Dirty Thirty 08.15.07 @ 4:45 am

damn gracie, between you and mina over the last couple of days I am horny and NEED TO FUCK! I love the snippets sweetie.


well i am glad you can join in on the fun.


Comment by kitty 08.15.07 @ 5:34 am

Hey….my hand is raised here way back in the back row…I’ll fuck you. I promise I’m fun and open and strong. And respectful. And I love making new friends!

And I invite you to read me. Anytime…:)

thank you for the invite Ron.

Comment by ronjazz 08.16.07 @ 10:39 am

…a little after the fact now….just tuning into your blog and I can smell and taste your heat….yum

Comment by wizerone1326 09.03.07 @ 7:09 pm

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