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Tuesday April 10th 2007, 11:02 am
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it is always so wrong and alluring to be sneaky. it is an added to rush on top of the wrong doing to begin with. i spoke with him last night (there are a few “hims” in my life at the moment). he knows me too well and knows exactly what to say to cause me to squirm and cross my legs in bed. i was laying right behind E in the fuck room. E every so often would glance over his right shoulder to stare at my pantie coated ass. i laid there grinding and writhing as i read on making small and quiet gasps. i was going crazy and soaking through my panties. his words started spill on the screen and i would elongate my blinks to see quick flashes of images behind my lids.

“touch your cunt, grace. come on.”

i can’t say no to that. i cannot deny him the right to make me cum. my left hand reaches down to touch, to feel, to excite. i am on edge as it is and the slightest touch was making me moan in my throat. every so many seconds i would glance at E, could he see? will he know? my body shudders, quakes and explodes into an orgasm that has to be contained. i pant into my arm, a pillow. i try to restore order as quickly as i can.

goddamn him.

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This is entirely arousing, I too can associate with and love the powerful allure of the inappropriate, the risky. The images this evokes in my head are sexual and intense. They stimulate me without equal. Wonderful stuff!

thank you tom.

Comment by Tom 04.10.07 @ 2:39 pm

Hello. I’ve added you onto my links. I love what you’re doing here. It’s breathetaking.

thank you very much Kristen. i appreciate the link. i updated my links as well.

Comment by Kristen Tyler 04.10.07 @ 3:42 pm

ahh attached my blog link.

gotcha, thank you.

Comment by Kristen Tyler 04.10.07 @ 3:43 pm

Nice! It is so much more exciting to be devious and sneaky. Sex in public comes to mind, when you could get caught at any time. Hell, I masturbated in my work shower today (don’t worry, I’ll write about it). Now being right next to him kicks it up a bit too.

oh chris i cannot wait to read about that. you should see the images roaming in my mind. you tease. don’t you make me wait too long either.

Comment by Chris 04.10.07 @ 6:45 pm

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