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sidekick silicone anal plug review
Tuesday April 27th 2010, 7:53 pm
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i have been anxious to try the Sidekick Silicone Anal Plug for review for a while now. with me, i need to be in the right frame of mind and physical condition to try out an anal plug. it’s been years now since i have had anything in my ass and i have to say i was a little disappointed with this plug.

i stripped down and put some Astroglide on the plug and put on some porn. after a few minutes of watching a woman getting fucked in the ass i felt the need to push the plug inside. i was slow trying to angle in the plug to hopefully get it to hit my g-spot. as i eased it inside of me it felt really good however i could already tell the base of the plug was going to give me issues. i actually have an ass so i am not sure if it’s me having an ass or the base of the plug. i have run into this before with bases of an anal plug being too big and hence causing pain.

i tried to ignore the annoyance of the base, masturbated with my vibrator and continued to watch more porn. i had my first orgasm very quickly and was happy the plug stayed in place instead of pushing out. i kept pushing on the plug to make sure it was all the way in and kept masturbating. the second orgasm caused the plug to slide out and i called it quits. the pain of the base was just not to my liking and was a turn off.

this plug could still be a great beginner’s toy. the material and shape is very quite nice. it’s not super harsh pushing inside and it seems to give when necessary. i did enjoy it for the few minutes it was inside of me, i just wish the base was smaller or more ass friendly.

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A wide base on a plus is definitely an annoyance.

Comment by ryanstgermain 04.27.10 @ 7:57 pm

*sigh* yeah. why i am fiending for a shiny Njoy plug. *GRIN*

Comment by dark gracie ® 04.27.10 @ 8:01 pm

Seriously, njoy is the ONLY way to go! LOVE LOVE LOVE mine! I can’t believe you bought me one and you don’t have one ! You so good to me. xoxo

Comment by Mina 04.27.10 @ 9:13 pm

i know Mina! that is my next sex toy to buy. i saw you have the medium one now and i also so a very hot photo on your blog with it in. yum baby yum. *smile*

Comment by dark gracie ® 04.27.10 @ 9:17 pm

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More ass friendly. *giggle*

Comment by Liras 05.01.10 @ 6:36 am

was that wrong Liras? i mean seriously if you are going to make a toy for an ass, make it right. Njoy makes the best IMO.

Comment by dark gracie ® 05.02.10 @ 8:54 pm

Oh WFG!I do agree that toys for asses should exhibit the finest craftsmanship possible. But more ass friendly is a phrase that makes me giggle. (You know my rampant and galloping sense of humor.)

Comment by Liras 05.27.10 @ 8:22 pm

i’m totally in love with my njoy plug. In fact, it’s about time that I get perusing the larger one (I’ve the medium right now). Truly, I can WEAR it and it’s comfortable and pleasurable for a long while. worth it, utterly. Do I need to SEND you one??

Comment by _burnished_ 06.10.10 @ 10:12 pm

Liras, i LOVE your sense of humor. it always makes me smile and know i am not alone.

burnished, oh yes, an Njoy Plug is on my list of toys to buy. i just hate buying when sometimes i do get them for free. *smile*

Comment by dark gracie ® 06.10.10 @ 10:44 pm

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