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Thursday June 10th 2010, 11:01 pm
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the door was wide open and we lay there in the dark. there was someone in the living room and yet we started making out. we kissed and we groped. there were times when a moan would slip out. the thought of someone catching us, walking by the room or even hearing us was making me crazy. i wanted to see how far we could go.

the tension, the need and the lack of alone time was taking its toll. we climbed underneath the sheet and he pulled his jeans down. we tugged my sweats and panties down and spooned. sex on his bed like the way we normally do it would mean the whole neighborhood knew what we were doing. however we found that spooning and fucking didn’t make the bed creak at all. he pushed his cock between my legs and inside my cunt. i let out a deep breath. feeling him inside me makes my world right. i pushed back against him wanting him deep in me. i started to push and pull away from him, i went faster and faster. i pulled his hand to my mouth to keep me from flat out screaming. i sucked his thumb as we fucked with silent skill.

our breathing was growing heavier and there were several times i let out a sigh or groan. sometimes i would take his hand and cover my mouth to keep me from crying out to the world. he started to jerk against me as he came in me. i clenched his cock with my cunt holding on to him. i we laid there still catching our breath and calming down. slowly his cock inched its way out of me.

for all of the frustration, lack of privacy and most of all lack of fucking. i have to say we managed sex when we shouldn’t have and i have to be thankful for that. also, sex when you shouldn’t be having it took me back to my teenage years when i would sneak a boy in my room to play. the risk, the thrill…it’s all the more wet it makes me.

Thank you Fleshbot!

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I simply fucking love your writing!

Comment by Steve 06.11.10 @ 9:18 am

thank you so much Steve. i was not too fond of this post either. *smile*

Comment by dark gracie ® 06.11.10 @ 9:20 am

I’ve done this too–spooned a woman in a room where others were sleeping/trying to sleep but not in a group sex situation. We were caught every time, but by the time we were I didn’t give a damn.

Comment by Hardin Reddy 06.11.10 @ 10:44 am

when there is a will, there is a way. i seem to highly enjoy the thrill of getting caught. not sure how i feel about someone watching though. i think i would be too nervous.

Comment by dark gracie ® 06.11.10 @ 10:55 am

This reminds me of something I haven’t thought of in years; I slipped my hand beneath a blanket on a plane and made my girlfriend, who was afraid of flying, concentrate on something else for a little while, while someone shared the same isle with us…

There’s something thrilling about doing something that you know you shouldnt.

Comment by Ryan St. Germain 06.14.10 @ 10:27 am

absolutely thrilling.

i’ve always wanted to play on the plane but flying is just not alluring anymore.

Comment by dark gracie ® 06.14.10 @ 10:29 am

Absolutely delicious…I can imagine how you must taste like.

Comment by The Casanova 06.18.10 @ 1:37 am

What a delicious description, Gracie. My mind’s eye could picture the two of you presed so tightly together, needing each other so badly, desperately trying to hide the sounds of your mutual arousal. I’m getting wet just thinking about it, hehe!

Comment by Mimi 06.19.10 @ 5:15 pm

The Casanova, i love how i taste, it is sweet.

Mimi, it’s an addiction. we are very sexually compatible.

Comment by dark gracie ® 06.30.10 @ 7:48 pm


Comment by Veronica Vice 07.02.10 @ 1:00 pm

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