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Sunday April 08th 2007, 10:30 am
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i love the feeling of my blood red sheets on my bed. i feel warm, sexual and safe. it seems i have been waiting months to feel them against my flesh. i have even have two sets and the cleaning lady just might not like them. i am tempted to throw out the other sheets so i will always be laying in red. i love fucking in them, sleeping in them and laying in them.

i fucked and got fucked last night. but, that entry deserves to be on the other blog. i do have quite a bit to write and need the focused time to write it. soon…soon.

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Mmmm, can’t wait for your expertise to explain it all to us. The vision of the red sheets already has my mind racing to the nether regions, both psychologically and physically…

i would like to know about the psychological and physical visions that play in your mind with red sheets.

Comment by Tom 04.08.07 @ 2:57 pm

Yay! Finally! About damn time!

I too have red sheets. The bedding really can make (or at least accentuate) the experience. It’s all environment and state of mind.

I can’t wait to read the other post. 🙂

yes finally!

i love my red sheets so much. they do feed the mind. i feel like i am in a sea of red. i am not sure if i would enjoy a sea of blood. but the sheets are fantastic.

yes…that post is being written. hopefully soon enough it will be up.

Comment by Chris 04.08.07 @ 3:11 pm

funny I can’t picture you on anything BUT red sheets…

well that is certainly what i prefer. we accumulate these random sheet sets as gifts and clearance sales. *wink*

Comment by silence up2nogood 04.08.07 @ 8:36 pm

next we’ll have to get you a little red velvet dress won’t we. something to go out and hunt in. something to prowl like the hot cat in heat you are, my lovely gracie…

yes S…how appropriate for me. something that will soak up the blood…yes?

Comment by silence up2nogood 04.09.07 @ 9:44 pm

Even good girls have a set of red satin sheets. With a black comforter, and red and black pillows.

is that so my sweet angel. you learn something new everyday. *wink*

Comment by Liras 04.09.07 @ 9:46 pm

“yes S…how appropriate for me. something that will soak up the blood…yes?”

actually I just thought you’d look so very hot in one. we’ll save the blood for later. after dinner, a toe under the table and a long elevator ride, lol.

mmmmmm ok i will take baby steps with you. *wink*

Comment by silence up2nogood 04.12.07 @ 6:50 pm

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