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Tuesday September 18th 2007, 11:26 am
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by Placebo:

I wanna be much more like you
Your effortlessly graceful scene
That drips from every pore of you
Where logic cannot intervene
I wanna take a bath with you
And wash the chaos from my skin
I wanna fall in love with you
So how do we begin ?

I wanna be a girl like you
The way you swing your hips in jeans
I wanna wear my face like you
Shiseido MAC and Maybelline
I wanna paint the town with you
And tickle you until you scream
I wanna fall in love with you

I wanna say I do
I wanna say I do
I wanna say I do
I wanna say I do
I wanna say I do

I wanna be much more like you
The way your smile lights up the room
I’ll kick back as men flirt with you
To jealousy I’ll stay immune
This confidence in me and you
This hope that you and I will bloom
I wanna fall in love with you

I wanna say I do
I wanna say I do
I wanna say I do
I wanna say I do
I wanna say I do

The question is do you ?

as i walked to the bathroom i stripped my clothes in the hallway. i had the intention of shaving yet i had a toy in my hand as i walked in.

i turned on the water and sat at the edge of the tub. i spread my legs open wide and felt my slick wetness with my fingertips. i pushed my toy inside of me and turned it on as it vibrated against my g-spot. i jammed it in and out of me almost cramping my forearm. my mouth gaped open sucking in air as if life was escaping my insides. i felt myself clench as i came around my frantic toy fucking me. i almost bucked off the edge of tub as i felt myself gush around my toy and hand. i slowly pulled it out as i caught my breath. i licked the toy and pushed in the water as i shaved my cunt all smooth again. i couldn’t help but touch my sensitive clit as i ran the razor over the soapy flesh.

that is not the end of it. afterwards, i laid my damp skin on a towel and watched porn till i was drawn to come again. two fantastic and loud orgasms later with a soaked towel beneath me i was ready to pass out.

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mmmm loved every last word!

Comment by Mina 09.18.07 @ 5:30 pm

fuck gracie…i so need to feel what you just described…badly…desperately. xoxo

Comment by darkpixie 09.18.07 @ 5:50 pm

Such delectable urgency. I’m fully engaged here.

Comment by Tom 09.21.07 @ 6:05 am

This had such a rhythm to it I think it would make a great song. Great write which formed the picture in my mind.

Comment by Colette 09.26.07 @ 8:16 pm

Yeah, just saw Placebo which I glazed over before. No wonder it sounded like a song. lol

Comment by Colette 09.26.07 @ 8:19 pm

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