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Saturday February 10th 2007, 1:19 am
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laying there he threw a vibrator my way. “get yourself wet bitch.” he walked away and the vibrator was already on. i placed it between my spread legs and closed my eyes. i rubbed the end up and down thinking about what was getting me wet for two days straight.

he came back to the side of the bed and i heard another vibrator start. it was the rabbit and he slowly pushed it inside of me as i was still stimulating my clit. when i felt it piercing through my cunt i let out a sigh of relief. that instant of being penetrated after such a long period of nothing. i felt every stress give way and nothing mattered but getting my cunt worked over.

his hand gripped my throat and i felt my eyes start to bulge. the blood was getting cut off.

“breathe.” it sounded like a chant and it didn’t make sense to me. he would say it every so many seconds.

i sat there gurgling and getting off as he fucked me with the vibrator.


it triggered in my head and i let in a breath. his grip kept tightening and when he released i gasped loudly and felt my body convulse to an orgasm. i felt it push inside of me more and i lost my grip on the vibrator in my hand as i gripped the bed. i squirmed and squirmed.

“stay still bitch.” he kept muttering through clenched teeth. “hold this, i’ll be back.” for the first time i held this toy in my hand. it was different and and i could feel my wetness seeping on to the toy, to my flesh and on the towel beneath me. i didn’t realize how wet i had become. my eyes were closed as i pushed it in and out then pushing upwards causing me to jerk with a sting of pleasure.

“don’t you fucking move.”

i laid still and i felt coldness on my flesh. my eyes peeked open and i saw a small knife from the kitchen hovering above my skin. i let out a small moan. he traced the blade across my chest, down my stomach and by my vibrating cunt.

“i should cut you. hmm?”

i wanted him to. i wanted to see my blood. i wanted to lick it. i wondered if he would lick it. he took the tip of the blade and poked at various points of my exposed flesh. my body would give a slight jerk and it wasn’t from that small sting of pain. it was the heightened arousal of this experience.

he teased my body, my skin, my mind with this object. this object that i am fixated on. i waited and wondered if that blade was going to part my flesh for it.

“where should i cut you? here?” the blade was on my inner arm. “here?” the blade was trailing towards my bicep. “here?” the blade was on my inner breast. “or here?” the blade was stabbing at my nipple.

my mind was whirlwind and all i could think about is buying new and sharp blades for him to use on me. i wanted something shiny and thin so that when he would graze it on my flesh it would sting with small bleeding cuts.

“turn over.”

i pulled off the bed, turned around, bent over on to my tippy toes. i spread my legs, feeling more vulnerable and uncertain of his actions. i had no idea what he would do to me.

i felt the vibrator fuck me from behind. then i felt the blade traveling on my back.

“i should cut you back here. carve my name into your back.”

i was sputtering and gasping. i felt a rush as i felt the blade pressing harder into my back. he was writing with the blade. perhaps tracing out the letters and envisioning marking his territory. my head flung back as i groaned at his actions.

“put your head into the bed!” he hissed.

i pushed my face into the bed smelling faint traces of my cunt. he pulled the vibrator out and switched to my fleshy dildo. i moaned into the bed as he pushed it inside of me fucking me hard and hitting the back of my void.

“you are dripping on my foot cunt.”

the dildo kept going in and out. my hands gripped the sheets.

“you fucking cunt, you are dripping on my foot.”

every time he said that i felt like i was coming over and over. i wanted to drench his foot. i wanted it to run down my leg. this has been long overdue.

he made a final push of my fake cock inside me. “get on the ground and masturbate….now”

i moved to the ground with this cock still clenched inside of me as i squirmed and moved myself to an orgasm. my body arched back exposing my breasts. the scarf came into view locking around my neck. i felt his foot push at the back of my head. “cum again whore.” he pushed me back into the ground while tugging at the scarf. i felt the cock slowly slipping out of me as i worked my second orgasm on the ground with a gasp. i started to grip at the carpet revving to the motion of train wreck orgasm. tears welled in my eyes and i cursed breathy words from my sputtering mouth, words i knew that i was saying that he could not hear. two more he made me give to him. my face was flushed and wet.

i thought it was over. it usually was. he started to fuck me with the dildo again, my cunt tightened and i cried out. i felt every millimeter and sensation of that cock moving in and out. i felt helpless and weak, there was no fight in me. finally it stopped. the scarf loosely around my neck as my only piece of clothing.

i turned on to my back with my eyes closed trying to catch my breath. i laid there calming down and i knew what he was doing. i didn’t have to open my eyes. he would be sitting at the edge of the bed jerking his cock looking down at me, the whore, the slut, the cunt that enjoys being used by him. he is the sole owner to this flesh and he knows it. as i relaxed on the ground, i felt was drifting to sleep and my body would slightly twitch. i fought my eyes open and i looked up at him sitting there with his hand around his cock. i wondered if he was going to jerk off on me.

“give me your ass.”

goddamn, the one thing no matter what state i am in…to offer my ass to his cock. i rolled in a worship position giving my ass to him open and spread with my head in the ground. i felt him come up behind me and press his cock against my tight asshole and soon the spurt of his hot cum spilled down my ass to my cunt. i spasmed with joy gasping into the carpet.

i can never get enough of that. never.

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Your intensity makes me lightheaded. Excuse me while I go rub this one off. You’re such a great sub.

thank you TF. mmmm i like it when a guy “rubs one off”.

i am a great sub under the right circumstance.

Comment by The Fury 02.10.07 @ 7:11 am

Goddamn Grace. I can’t get enough of you. “he is the sole owner to this flesh” – that is delicious.

B, we were just talking about ownership huh?


Comment by Bad Bad Girl 02.10.07 @ 9:41 am

“two more he made me give to him.” I absolutely love the way you speak of belonging, ownership, giving in your situation. It’s so fucking significant, so powerful and consuming. That aspect in itself gets me wet, but then the actual sex is layered on top. Mind fuck and body fuck. Outstanding.

thank you Chris.

E is very possessive these days. i do belong to him. unless someone can prove otherwise.

Comment by Chris 02.10.07 @ 12:05 pm

very, very hot. i want to devour your appetite for everything dark and sweet and dirty…

P, your comments always make me smile and twitch. i love it.

Comment by The Provocateur 02.10.07 @ 1:32 pm

Dam… i wouldnt be able to get enough either.

oh i know pan…i know you.


Comment by Pandora 02.10.07 @ 10:49 pm

Just splendid, I love it!

thank you T. i am glad you enjoyed it.

Comment by Tom 02.11.07 @ 7:40 am

I’d like to lick your drippings off the floor.

AL! that’s hot! talk about twitching…

Comment by Al Sensu 02.11.07 @ 8:26 pm

drip …. gracie babe …. drip ……

need you to be wet and dripping forever !
and the blood never flowed !

kinda you are silly. but i know what you mean.

Comment by kindabiz 02.11.07 @ 10:18 pm

oooh, I think I found a new use for my Chicago Cutlery now all I need is the right man.

Comment by La Petite Morte 05.15.07 @ 7:52 pm

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