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Saturday July 14th 2007, 6:40 pm
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she is still a wonderment to me and that is what makes me so carnivorous towards her. she told me that she fucked herself with a toy earlier which she had not done in a long time. she expressed how nice it was to get off like that. the one line that stung right between my legs was:

“I read your blogs while fucking my cunt….I hope you don’t mind…. ”

she is still new to all of this and this world that i am in. i love her innocence and then again her not-very-innocent side as well. her facets are beautiful in every way.

i never mind that anyone would get off to my words. i always take that as the highest of compliments, to know i was able to get someone off with mere words. those are the types of people i want to know. the ones that enjoy creativity instead the obvious. the ones that let me crawl inside their minds, their cocks or cunts and let me have my way with their arousal and orgasms.

i send her a line back:

“all i want to know is which post made you come?”

i laid there thoroughly exhausted and this urge to have an orgasm entranced me. i squirmed thinking about her masturbating to the flow of my words. i think about how beautiful her cunt must have looked like stuffed with her toy. her writhing, her reading and her envisioning made me come twice before she responded to me:

“i was reading the closest and the other was call kiss & exposed (i combined into one post on myspace called “firsts”). i was reading through them…and building up…i love that you came just now…”

i want to devour her entirely. i am selfish and protective with her. she is an amazing creature that has captured me completely. it is beyond a simple lust, no it is much deeper then that.

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The power of the printed word . . . yes, it is so exciting when someone tells you that he or she was reading your blog, and it was so hot that they enjoyed an orgasm in the process!

Excuse me while I reach into my own toy drawer . . .


thank you Cherrie.

Comment by Cherrie 07.14.07 @ 8:16 pm

mmm – G you are a lucky lady to have found such a creature. your words bring goose bumps when i read them, and this post is no exception.

thank you W.

that makes me smile i give you goose bumps.

Comment by woodinhand 07.14.07 @ 9:05 pm

It’s one of my own greatest pleasures – knowing that my words have inspired delicious orgasm, and I always love it when I’m told that, and have often felt that same urge you mention, have come myself just as urgently thinking about just the same thing – for you the pleasure is so much more intense, as you know just how she looks when she comes – I love this post, it encapsulates just how much you need her, and the pleasure of writing about sex for a greedy, lustful audience, all in one…

thank you DB.

she is very special to me and that makes her orgasms, her needs, her desires that much more arousing to me.

Comment by dirtyboy 07.15.07 @ 5:11 am

It is the greatest honor to know that your written word is what made someone cum. I’m happy you have found a the lovely satine.

it is an amazing feeling.

Satine is wonderful and makes me absolutely happy.

Comment by Mina 07.15.07 @ 8:00 am

As always, the mind fuck is the most powerful. She sounds like a lovely toy.

you can never get enough of mindfuck.

she is breathtaking.

Comment by Chris 07.15.07 @ 8:52 am

gracie- i love knowing when someone is turned on by a post…let alone gets totally off on it…awesome. i love how you are filled with intense lust and desire…i can feel your desire here. i hope you dont mind i added your link to my blog.

DP, thank you for commenting. welcome.


i would never mind you adding my link to your blog. i went ahead and added you as well. i am so very behind in catching up on blogs. i will get to you as soon as i can.

Comment by darkpixie 07.15.07 @ 3:01 pm

I tune in here urgently hungry to devour your words, but somehow, every time, it is I who end up being the prey instead.

how nice Tom. prey is always nice.

my apologies for not being around lately. life has been crazy.

Comment by Tom 07.16.07 @ 5:40 am

I love it when my love also reads my words.

Oh, and I so very rarely do this, but you have been tagged by me. You do not have to participate, but you might what to see why!

Megan thank you for mentioning me on your meme. that is very kind of you.

as far as tagging me…well i will do my best to reciprocate under my terms of course.

Comment by Megan 07.16.07 @ 7:28 am

I agree.. the highest compliment is to effect someone so much they get off…
But then again…you write so well who wouldn’t *smooches*

you are too nice Shibari.

i am glad you joined the clan on myspace. *smile*

Comment by shibari 07.16.07 @ 7:56 pm

It is always wonderful when someone tells me that get aroused just by our written words. It is such a compliment.

very true Teacher.

Comment by The Teacher 07.17.07 @ 6:38 am

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