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second picture
Tuesday September 19th 2006, 7:25 am
Filed under: Deviant Dreams

She wants to post this second picture and, again, insists that I write something that confirms my status as her slut to all who read this. She wants me to admit the depth of my whoredom, my need for her sweet cunt, my lust for her words that rape me for her pleasure.

Like that baby? Is that getting your cunt wet? Mmmm…c’mon, baby, slide your fingers down

I am her cum slut. Her’s and her’s alone. She may do with me as she wishes. I am lost in her. Every time I see her name my cock gets hard. And every time I think of her, it gets hard. At the store the other day, I felt her slip into my head and whisper to me, “I need you hard, baby, I need that cock now”. As I pushed the cart down the cereal aisle, I felt it twitch in my loose, thin cargo shorts. Without the benefit of underwear, the tip poked against the fabric like an obscenely oversize nipple. I did my best to fight it down, slipping my hand into the pocket and squeezing the head, trying to force the blood down. After a few minute, I succeeded but it didn’t last. For the rest of the shopping my cock twitched as her words sliced through me like the knife she loves to hold at the base of my cock.

Yessss, baby, that’s it…pull those panties aside…no one can see your whorish little cunt under your desk…mmmmm…feel that breeze slip across the dripping lips of your cunt…yessss…look down, baby,…look down at that beautiful cunt…so perfect…so fucking…here’s that guy from accounting…think he can smell what a whore you are, baby?

This picture infuriated her. After the first, she wrote – “show me”. I sent her this one as a tease. “I said, show me, bitch. Show me or I’m gone. Fucking gone. Show me, cum slut.” And I had to smile. Mm-hmm. A great big smile

Gonna let him peek, baby? C’mon…lift that skirt just a little…can you feel the elastic as your panties try to slide back across your cunt…that edge resting right on your clit…mmmm…stop wiggling baby….careful…this fucking asshole…why won’t he shut up?…just wanna…can you risk it?…risk slipping your finger under your skirt with him there…c’mon, baby…c’mon….

She knows that whatever she gives me gets me hard…she knows I’m devoted to her…my cock is hers, my ass hers, my mouth is hers – cum slut, fuck thing, blow up doll – all of these I want to be for her. I am here for the purpose of curling up inside that venal fucking mind of hers and sucking the filth from it for her to write down. I am the Muse. And she would no sooner cast me aside than she would sew up her own cunt.

Mmm-hmm…you fucking love your power over me too much, baby…fucking dripping right now as you dream new foulness to put me through…all the time knowing that I want it…crave it…no one gets your cunt wet like that, baby…as he chokes you you think about cutting into my cock and sucking it into your mouth…as he pounds your ass you become me having my ass pounded while you fist yourself…no baby…you probably came to this…quickly and quietly so he wouldn’t find out. You may kill me baby…you may fuck my corpse…but you’d never toss me aside…because you’re a fucking junkie, bitch.

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Sweet addiction

yes it is an addiction that i can be happy with.

Comment by pandora 11.28.06 @ 8:51 pm

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