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Saturday November 18th 2006, 4:08 pm
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“you gonna write about this?” he asked me in the dark.

“mmmmhmmmm,” as i squirmed into the bed contently.

i sauntered into the hallway and pushed open the jarred bathroom door. he was in the bath tub and i crept into the tub putting one foot on each side of his sitting body. i leaned in and hovered over him starring into his face. his hand grazed flat against my wet cunt.

“go get your toy.”

without hesitation i pull out of the tub and get my smaller dildo. i hand it to him and sit on the edge of the tub starring at him as he positions it at the opening to my slit. he pushes it inside of me and i gasp. my hand supports me on the wall as my other grips the edge of the tub. immediately i moan hungrily and i close my eyes as i try to dig my nails into the wall and tub. i feel my body tensing and clenching to the fucking dildo. my mind flashes to you and i can feel my cunt tightening and my fingers tensing against the wall. i start thinking about your cock pounding into me, giving you that chance to fuck my cunt.

i start panting and both my hands grip at the tub. i am on the edge, my legs spread and i can’t get enough of you. i can feel him shift between my legs and i feel a mouth on my nipple. i feel like i could slip off the tub as my body jerks and tenses up. your cock leaves me and i feel fingers slip inside searching for that spot. my body thrusts forward and i can feel myself coming on his finger.

“get in the tub, on your stomach, hurry up bitch.”

i get in the water and lay down. i keep my head up and my ass sticking upward.

“get all the way down in the water and i feel his hand push my head into the water and press it against the bottom of the tub. i feel his fingers force their way inside of my cunt. i see a sea of black hair floating around my face as i want to scream, but can’t. i try to push upward and his hand keeps me down. my hands reach up out of the tub against the wall. i push up again and he gives. i sputter for breath like a fish out of water. my hair clinging to my face and back. i don’t get much relief as he slams me back down again as my head smacks my hands that are gripping the edge of the tub. my hands reach upward again as he holds me down fingering my cunt making me come over and over while being under water. i can feel my body fighting for survival and knocking bottles off the tub as i try to push upward. he keeps me down longer this time. i try to scream under the water as the bubbles float upward to the surface. i can feel my cunt clenching his fingers as my hands start to reach for air and finally he lets me up.

“turn over whore.”

i turn over on to my back as i sit up.

“get down!”

his hand comes over my face and pushes me back into the water. i can feel the dildo fucking me as my leg drapes out of the tub. i can him through the water, “spread your legs you fucking whore. you like that you fucking whore?” my muscles are burning as i try to push upward as i start to come again. he pulls the cock out and rubs the wetness flat with the palm of his hand over and over as my body jerks to the touch. he lets me up for air as i gasp and heave. he hands me a towel and leaves me to get out. i push my hand between my legs to feel my wetness in the water. i start to stand up and my legs shake and i have to stable myself with the wall so that i don’t fall. i wrap the towel around my wet body and he comes back to get me as i barely make it out of the tub standing.

i curled up into bed with a great satisfaction of being with someone that accepts my demented sexuality and does his best to give me what i need.

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Damn Gracie,
You must certainly feed my addiction with these tales of yours. 🙂
luv & peace,

thank you, i do appreciate your addiction. those are fun.


Comment by cyris 11.20.06 @ 6:08 pm

By the way Gracie, this spot is beautifully sensual. I Love It.

thank you doll, i am glad you enjoy…sensual is a great description. i love it.

Comment by cyris 11.20.06 @ 6:09 pm

I love the new playground.. it suits you well!

aww thank you pan. i think it has the right darkness for me.


Comment by Pandora 11.20.06 @ 6:45 pm

Very nice template gracie.

thank you rae, i hope you feel better soon. i saw that you won that best clit contest, that had to put a smile on your face.

Comment by Rae 11.20.06 @ 8:42 pm

Graice, love the new site!
Damn hot post to go along with the new site.

thank you W very much!

Comment by woodinhand 11.21.06 @ 6:49 am

I love the last photo down your side bar… the angel who has removed her wings… very nice… makes me want to shed mine also.

well pan you know what i think…i think you should.

Comment by pandora 11.21.06 @ 12:44 pm

I love telling a woman what to do, it might be primitively arousing, but it works, and damn dirty talk is amazing!

i cannot agree with you more on dirty talk. but one must be skilled at this to get the proper response.

Comment by naughtyboy 11.21.06 @ 1:38 pm

I’ve done it Gracie.. I’ve started shedding my wings *wink*

i see that pan, so what are ya gonna do now hmmmm?


Comment by Pandora 11.21.06 @ 10:39 pm

graciebaby – its looking gorgeous (as to be expected) you’re one very talented lady x x

thank you doll. you are so sweet i could bite ya.

Comment by peony 11.21.06 @ 10:49 pm

Holy effing shit!
Sounds like a chapter from my life!
This was WAY, WAY, WAY hot!!!

i love being sexually demented. Sounds like you do too!
i’m very happy for you~

DL’s toy

thank you. it seems i have a lot of catching up to do on your blog, seeing there is a second female in the room.


i will comment as i read.

Comment by His toy 11.22.06 @ 6:58 am

i just noticed that incredible picture of a wounded angle over there on the right. Now how the hell did i miss that before?

Ahh, yes… two women in the room. There’s room for more…

i have recently discovered (thru your own links) your other blog site. i am completely entranced…

*laughing* i guess you have to keep on your toes to catch all the images on here.

mmmm i do like that thought.

thank you, i am rather proud of that blog. thanks to V of course. he is the muse for that side.

Comment by His toy 11.22.06 @ 8:41 am

Ah Gracie… I shall have to take a leap of faith now that I have shed my wings. Hopefully there will be someone there to catch me and to guide me …

Comment by Pandora 11.22.06 @ 5:59 pm

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