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rub it for me
Thursday October 05th 2006, 7:50 pm
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laying on my stomach in bed with one eye open i stare over at E. it seems when he is relaxed in bed he gets a wonderful hard on. i can see him stroking it slowly under the tented covers.

“you’re hard, i wanna see,” i whisper.

he pushes the covers away so i could watch him slowly stroke his hardness up and down. i would take short grabs at it, rub it up and down a few times and let him proceed. i could not stop touching it as i would grab it after he would make several strokes. i love seeing and feeling a hard cock. the more he played with his cock the harder and bigger it got. my cunt twitched at the sight.

“mmmmm you’re so hard,” i purr as i take another grab.

i let go and watch him.

“grab it and squeeze it,” i requested.

he grabbed it and squeezed it for me. i reached over and grabbed it and put my finger nails to his hard on.

“hey, hey be careful,” he lowly growls.

i smirk a little and grind into the bed a little.

“suck my cock,” he whispers as he strokes almost ready to greet my mouth with his cock.

“i can’t baby, i’m so tired,” i respond quietly.

he thrusts upward a little as he continued to stroke and squeeze. i watched him lazily play with himself. i would have joined or engaged him more hadn’t i been so exhausted from my day. i never get tired of watching a man stroke his cock.

i fell asleep with a vision of a hard cock that i should not have let gone to waste.

shame on me.


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On no gracie.. sometimes it’s nice to just watch. I enjoy the sight of a hard cock and the man who strokes it. 🙂

Comment by Pandora 10.05.06 @ 9:52 pm

double shame on you !!!!! 🙁

Comment by kindabiz 10.05.06 @ 9:53 pm

shame, shame, shame gracie!
but hopefully you had sweet, wet dreams?

Comment by single gal 10.05.06 @ 10:04 pm

There is always tomorrow Gracie…I am sure it will still be there.

Comment by Edtime Stories 10.06.06 @ 4:14 am

Oh yes, shame on YOU !!

I just hate it when Thirty does that to me !!

Comment by dirty thirties 10.06.06 @ 5:43 am

A beautiful way to fall asleep indeed … I LOVE it when Orchid is that position, watching while I stroke, while I get really, really hard and excited … Wonderful. Hugs – A

Comment by Aragorn 10.06.06 @ 5:51 am

Sexy Stuff! There is nothing hotter to me than a man stroking his cock.

Comment by NaughtyNikki 10.06.06 @ 6:20 am

Problem with me is that after I see him stroking it, I need it somewhere. Or in several places!

Comment by Camilla 10.06.06 @ 12:07 pm

Mmmmmm, yes I agree. There is nothing more erotic than watching a man stroke his hard cock. Never fails to make me wet.

Comment by Andie 10.06.06 @ 1:13 pm

Regret for a lost moment is mitigated by its next recurrence.

Comment by Jefferson 10.06.06 @ 7:58 pm

i love it when the wifey watches me. its makes her longing stronger.

bet you want it pretty bad now, huh?

Comment by Durty Thawtz 10.06.06 @ 10:47 pm

pan – i agree love.

kindabiz – oh hush you, go get laid. *bite*

single gal – lol, i am having some hot and wet day dreams today.

ed – mmmm true.

dirty – *laughing* well he did not seem too bothered by my tiredness. i am waiting for him to come home right now.

aragorn – thank you A!

nikki – true.

camilla – trust me if i wasn’t so tired, i would have jumped on it, sucked it…whatever i could do with it! *wink*

andi – mmhmm

jefferson – i don’t regret. right now i need a hard cock.

durty – funny the time you posted that, i smiled, because it is true…i need it pretty bad. *smile*

Comment by Gracie 10.06.06 @ 10:58 pm

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