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roughly twisted
Saturday June 17th 2006, 1:56 am
Filed under: Breath Play,Sex

i laid patiently, not even in hinting to E that i was waiting for him. he came wondering in and saw me in a black thong and a tight tank top. i did not say anything. he grabbed me and turned me on to my back. i looked up at him as he towered above me. he bent down to kiss me.

he pushed my hands above my head as he groped at my body. he pulled my legs upward to have access at my ass. he started to lick my cunt as he slapped at my ass in between licks. i grabbed on to his back as he handled me roughly. he kept licking…and licking and i came with a scream.

pulling me up he wanted to look at me. i stood there vulnerable as he gawked at me. he could sense my nervousness, i knew he was not done with me. he just sat at the edge of the bed looking and touching. he bent me over his knee and on to the bed. he started to spank at my ass. these were not gentle love taps. i was yelping in pain. i could hear him talking about how red my ass was getting. the pain was beginning to be unbearable as he the severity of this beating was increasing causing my right leg to pop upwards from the sting of his hits. i begged him to stop and he let up.

“get on the bed” he barked. i obeyed.

he spread my legs and told me stay still. E decides to make me stay still as he teased my cunt or he would hurt me. i did my best to stay still. this was not easy as a vibrator buzzed on my cunt. my hands would inch towards the center of my pleasure and he would yell at me to keep my hands away. staying still was challenging and i could not take much more of it.

E let my hand go down between my legs and he put the vibrator in my hand as he got up to get a scarf. he wrapped and twisted the scarf around my neck as i worked my cunt. the asphyxia causes things to slow down as far as a flood of an orgasm. at that moment, i realized how this could look to someone else. i slightly grinned at the thought of how twisted this scene could be. my dom hovering over me with a scarf around my neck…my hand working my cunt as he kept my legs spread and occasionally placed his hand over my nose and mouth. this thinking and realization caused me to come and my eyes rolled back into my head to catch my thoughts. the flood caused me to laugh and cry and the same time.

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