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Saturday March 18th 2006, 10:36 am
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i had fallen asleep waiting for him in nothing but a thong.

he came home late and attempted to rouse me. i was a little upset that he had come home so late but i was not going to turn down a fuck.

he started out sweet, but that soon changed as i became wet. he yanked off the thong and pulled me up to stand up and lean bent over the bed.

“spread your legs”, he demanded.

he proceeded to taunt and grab at my swollen pussy lips.

“you have a pretty pussy”, he said.

with that he turned on the light to get a better view of me waiting and ready for him to fuck me. he slapped my ass repeatedly in between stroking my hot cunt. he positioned himself behind me placing his feet under my raised tippy toes. i had to be at the right height for him to fuck me proper. he shoved himself inside of me like he has be needing this for a long time. fucking me mercilessly like never before i was growing wetter and wetter around his cock. after so many thrusts he would do a very had jab giving me every inch possible inside my tightness. i did not want this to stop.

he took a scarf and pulled it around me neck as he continued to violate my cunt. as he tugged on my neck forcing in me on to his dick i would come all over him. it did not matter, he kept fucking me senseless. i took it like a good girl and i could not get enough as the scarf would tighten and release…tighten and release. my pussy was leaking from so much stimulation. i could feel my juices run down my thighs.

for once i felt completely controlled and taken. his commands and my responses were matched. his body slapping up against mine. i wanted to be sore from him fucking me. i have been wanting it like this for so long. i felt like i was in a dream state as he forced, pulled, groped, grabbed, pulled, slapped and harmed my body.

flipping me on to my back then grabbing both of my thighs and sliding me effortlessly to the edge of the bed, he continued to fuck me. he spread my legs wide apart and grabbed at my thighs as he pounded me. his right hand went for me throat as he started to squeeze. my eyes fluttered as he slowly tightened while keeping the rhythm of his fuck. every time he squeezed my pussy would drench with wetness. small moans would escape my mouth. his pace quickened and i knew he was going to cum. he let out a breath as he came inside of me as i continued to milk him roughly with my cunt. each pull made him let out a loud grunt. i love doing this to him.

when he pulled out, immediately i can feel his cum oozing out of my hot pussy and down to my ass. i started to rub my hard clit with this cum. i kept rubbing till i came mixing my juices with his.

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i’m glad i came by to visit

you definitely have a skill for writing

and your dark passages are intriguing … and delightful

Comment by nate 03.22.06 @ 11:10 am

i am really glad you enjoy them.

Comment by Gracie 03.23.06 @ 11:39 pm

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