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Monday September 17th 2007, 3:48 am
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i had his cock in my mouth in the dark room. my eyes peeked open to notice a flicker from the candles down the hallway. i couldn’t see anything but his dark outline on the futon. i loved the sensation of being on my knees looking up at his dark face occasionally. i pulled his cock out of my mouth, snaked my tongue down over his balls and i heard him suck in a breath. his hands pulled my face back to his erect cock. i slide down his shaft licking his cock and swirling it around the head as i came up.

“take it all,” he whispered as his hands tangled into my hair and pushed me down. i started to gag on his cock. “mmmm yeah gag on my cock,” there was a sinister tone to that sentence. he would let me regain myself as the tears would stream down my face and i would feel him push me down again to gag on his cock.

he pulled me off his cock, “get on top of me.” i got up to straddle him as he slipped himself inside. i pushed down groaning at his full length penetrating me. my hands gripped the cushion as i rode him. his hands groped my breasts and latched on to my nipples. the slight pain caused me to move faster and harder on him.

“get up and bend over,” i did not hesitate as i stood up and bent over. he stood behind me and pushed his fingers inside of my cunt. i melt every time his fingers sink inside of me. the wetness was dripped down my leg and he slipped out of me and pushed inside of my ass. i yelped at the sudden change in action. he was jacking off behind me and when his fingers slipped out he spread my cheeks and spit right on my asshole. at that moment fear blanketed me and i felt myself tense up. no, he wasn’t going to fuck my ass. well, i was wrong as the head of his cock pressed against my ass.

slowly he pushed himself inside of me. i was panting and trying to be calm. once he pushed all of his cock into my ass he started to fuck me. his hands gripped my hips as he grunted fucking and telling me wonderful it felt. i kept my head down into the mattress like an utterly submissive creature. his thrusts were growing harder and harder and i started to yelp.

“use this,” he growled as he tossed a vibrator to my hand. i grabbed it and pushed it against my clit as he kept violating my ass. i started to buck beneath him as i felt the urgent need to come build inside of me. his grip burned my flesh as i started to come dropping the vibrator and gripping the sheets. his pace quickened as he came deep in my ass and that made me tense up again at the thought of his cum filling me. i laid there panting and didn’t realize when he had pulled out of my ass.

he always catches me off guard when he takes my ass. it happens so rarely and yet when it strikes it is so memorable.

Thank you Madeline Glass for Fleshbotting this post.

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This knocked the wind out of me.

Comment by Tom 09.17.07 @ 5:27 am

I so fucking love you when you are so fucking inspired!


Comment by Silence 09.17.07 @ 11:15 am

Mmmmmm, delicious. I love reading through your eyes.

Comment by Chris 09.17.07 @ 5:07 pm

oh yummy gracie….i swear my inner beast just whimpered….it so needs to come out and play! xoxo

Comment by darkpixie 09.17.07 @ 5:25 pm

Exceptional. I always find myself so inspired and so hard after reading your posts.

Comment by The Fury 09.17.07 @ 9:24 pm

Mmmmm left me breathless.

Comment by Mina 09.18.07 @ 8:14 am


Comment by Dayngr 09.25.07 @ 9:44 pm

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