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reminders and pains
Friday March 20th 2009, 11:35 pm
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i was so sweetly reminded by V how i need to write on my blog more and i do >140 characters very well. i think Twitter has taught me one thing, say a lot with as few words as possible. perhaps why my blog posts have gotten even shorter in length over the past year. i really enjoy a challenge and almost find it as a writing exercise at time.

i spent this week nursing another pulled muscle in my back. i was made to go the hospital due to my past health complications and the Dr. made me fear of appendicitis. after various tests, it was just a pulled muscle. to make matters worse i had to use the word “intercourse” instead of “wild fucking”. to say the least it was, uncomfortable to say.

i do enjoy and love reminders of my trysts but pulling a muscle to the point that i can’t even do my job is pretty a extreme form of masochism and yet i am smirking right now writing about it. according to R we are doing something right and i am not complaining one bit. the sex we have is still to this day, amazing. i have learned to try to enjoy it and not be so, let say, ravenous or even junkie-like. i lay still and appreciate him however, he’ll hit the g-spot, then i switch into high gear and it’s all a frantic blur. i have to thank R for accommodating my influx in libido which has caused us to cram in as many sessions as we can on a Saturday.

i made a wonderful attempt at entertaining R with the new holiday of Steak and BJ Day. i brought over ribeyes, potatoes and veggies and cooked everything almost to perfection (i have extremely high expectations of everything i do and i am my worst critic). he had given me sex earlier and i thought i would give him a blow job to completion like a good selfless girl should. of course right at the surface of my mind i wanted a glorious fucking. no, no, i pushed him on his back and licked, sucked, slurped and gagged on his cock. he chose in the end. yes, he chose to fuck me. so, i am not sure if that was a success but both parties seems sated.

“i’m breaking my attachment to physical power and possessions because only through destroying myself can i discover the greater power of my spirit.”

-Chuck Palahniuk

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If it hurts, you know it was real. Hope you feel better.

As for compression in writing, being spare…it is incredibly sexy.

Comment by Liras 03.23.09 @ 4:18 pm

twitter has done the same to me! 140 characters cover it why say more? I love your blog I agree with your friend! more. more!

Comment by Catie V 03.30.09 @ 9:04 pm

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