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Friday August 11th 2006, 5:53 pm
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sitting here on a friday, dreading my upcoming flight out of state this sunday. my mind keeps wondering to a couple of nights with E.

my ass up in the air like the slut i am, latex gloves on his hand and my head buried in a pillow. him plunging three fingers immediately in my tightness and i can feel myself stretching to accommodate him. the pain mixed with the pleasure of just being used was just delicious.

“do you want your new toy?”, he asked.

“yes”, i whimper like a little slut.

“go get it”, he said.

i get up and grab the container that it sits so proudly in. i hand E the container, he pulls it out and i get back into my position. he pushes that cock inside me and i groan like a hungry whore. i want it so bad and he gives it to me. he instructs me to rub my clit and i reach down and rub as my cunt is open, being fucked and drenched in wetness. E pulls out my toy and replaces it with his fingers, he hits my spot, i am bucking against his fingers like i am getting fucked by a cock. i could feel myself come on his latex coated fingers and i felt juices coming out. i love E’s very skilled finger fucking.

last night i asked E to lick me. he was being rather rough slapping at my exposed ass, flipping me over, slapping my clit rather hard and finally licking away at my clit. my hand kept grabbing at the back of his head as i tried to grind into his face. he felt so good. he parted from me briefly to get a scarf and tightened around my neck as he resumed his licking. i arched my back and shuddered with his actions. i felt his finger start to rub on my swollen clit. he sat up beside me and covered my nose and mouth as he rubbed me fast. my body would start to panic as i slapped his arm and he lifted his hand only for a second for me to take in fresh air. just thinking about it now makes my cunt tingle.

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Mmm lovely story telling..
feeling horny now.

PS: You got yet another new toy?

Comment by dirty thirties 08.12.06 @ 6:07 am

Just reading this makes me tingle


Comment by Anonymous 08.12.06 @ 6:33 am

dirty – hehe, no it is the same big dildo. i think i am going to order one online so it shows up for when i get back from my trip. *smile*

VP – good, i am glad. *wink*

Comment by Gracie 08.12.06 @ 7:15 am

MMmm.. Now, a photo of your toy collection, that would be nice.

Comment by dirty thirties 08.12.06 @ 10:23 am

dirty – perhaps i will take a photo when i am not in the middle of using my toys.


Comment by Gracie 08.12.06 @ 2:26 pm

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