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Thursday June 15th 2006, 1:23 pm
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E had missed me and in the busy airport traffic he grabbed the back of my head and pulled me towards him and planted an aggressive kiss on my lips while grabbing at my chest. i pulled away not wanting onlookers to see. he did not care and kept me next to him as he drove.

he mentioned a few times in the last few evenings that he was glad to get me back. i had warned E of my bruising that i came home and he nonchalantly said, oh it was from my s&m session while on my trip.

my body ached when i got home monday night and it ached even more on tuesday. i am not sure if it was from flying for 6 hours. it was hard over 2 weeks without some sexual, physical attention. yet, my body was not acclimated to fucking by the time i got around to it. E had to spend tuesday night massaging away the aches and the jet lag was just hitting hard.

last night…well last night i was feeling normal again. i wanted to play and i wanted some attention from E. i asked him to put lotion on me and he pointed at the bed and laid on it the way he liked. he rubbed lotion on me proceeded to spank my ass with wet stings. his hits made me yelp and yet i grinned. i needed the pain.

after beating on my ass for several minutes he laid in the center of the bed. he told me to come to him and he told me to suck his cock. i looked up at him with an eye not knowing if he really wanted me to do it. he looked down and my mouth went to his semi-erect cock. i took it all in, sucked it and felt him grow rock hard. i started to lick around the tip and i starred him in the eyes. i could see his mouth crack a grin as i licked and starred at him. i then would take it all in…up and down….up and down. then licked the tip again looking him in the eye as i licked. i would have done anything to get that cock deep inside me fucking me relentlessly. however, timing was terrible and mother nature can be a bitch. this frustrated E and i.

i asked E to kiss my cunt and he complied with my request. i wanted to fuck. i have never felt so deprived of orgasms as this month of june. i started to rub my cunt and he got out my vibrator to assist me. i held it in place and he got between my legs playing with me and i wrapped my legs around him and grinded my vibrating cunt against him. he slowly increased the speed with the remote…within minutes i was crazy with an intense orgasm. i felt a flood of emotions come to the front of my mind with a powerful force. i wanted to laugh and cry at the same time.

on a side note…during my absence E has been actively looking for a “tool” of a man to assist in play with me. during dinner he told me the other night he was talking to someone from england and i almost creamed my pants. the thought of an english accent in my ear just drives me wild. i asked if i could at least talk to him on the phone and E thought for just a second and answered with “yes”. so, he still searches and hopefully soon there may be another man in our bedroom.

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