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real danger
Thursday October 19th 2006, 2:19 pm
Filed under: Deviant Dreams

i could see his cock as he put in on display for me. the sight put me in such a drugged state. i typed in my requests as he responded with each one without hesitation.

“squeeze your balls hard.”

he would gripped them like a ripe fruit waiting to be plucked.

i felt myself getting wetter and wetter as my breathing grew heavy with a needy lust. i squeezed my legs together tight because i knew any other way my hand would be down between them. yet, at one point i found myself unbuttoning….unzipping. i sat like that pondering if i should shove my hand down there and feel that wet heat.

i watched licking my lips, my eyes half open with this seduction of words and images. my hand would go inside my open shirt resting on my collar bone.

he pulled out a metal object from his jean pocket and unfolded it for my view. letting it gleam in the light. i gasped not out of surprise or shock, but a gasp like a cock first entering my cunt. they were transformed into a pair of pliers that he he placed his cock in and squeezed. my heart started to race as he poked and prodded his cock with this tool.

i started to squirm in my chair. my skin was crawling and my insides were buzzing. i felt that i was on this edge of an orgasmic fate. my legs started to shake as he pulled a knife blade from his metal tool. my lips parted as he dragged the blade across his cock. he knew what i wanted as he let it drag down the center of his inner forearm. more heavy breaths escaped my parted lips. i needed it. i wanted it. his cock remained hard as the continued to drag the shiny blade near his cock and balls. my cunt twitched and pulsed.

my hand snuck down my pants just to feel the heat. it was getting late.

“i will take one more request,” he coos.

“i am not sure if you be able to do this one,” i respond with a grin.

“ask,” he replied.

“cum, i wanna see you cum,” i respond.

“i knew it,” he typed.

i felt my clit aching as he gripped his cock so tight and within seconds his cum was pulsing out of him with such an eruption. i felt intoxicated with pure lust. i needed to come. i loved it, knowing he could cum on demand like that. i am sure he loved doing it because i would let him instead of making him suffer days without. my filthy, fucking slut.

i fell asleep grinding my bed with images of sharp objects on my slut. he is my treasure.

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Your words lick at my mind time and again; such as I lust to to lick you – mentally – physcially.

Comment by woodinhand 10.19.06 @ 9:05 pm

yes, Grace

Comment by Anonymous 10.21.06 @ 10:11 pm

A delicious treasure!

Comment by Pandora 10.30.06 @ 9:11 pm

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