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Saturday February 25th 2006, 7:24 pm
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“i want you”

he types to me…those three words make my heart jump, i feel my breathing deepen as my lust flurries within. i close my eyes and hear it being whispered in my ear and i feel chills run through my skin.

i hate waiting and yet i am patient. i want him just as badly as he desires me. just a little bit longer i tell myself.

i want him deep between my legs grinding into me, going for that center, fulfilling that want i have carried for so many months.

i grind into my bed at the thoughts that flash in my mind what i want him to do to me. i want him to initiate it, take it and grab it.

i want to be locked up in lust with him for days, i don’t need to see the sunlight or moonlight. i just want to stare at the light in his eyes.

fuck me, work me, finger me, tease me, grind me, grope me, hold on to me, touch me, kiss me, hear me, eat me, lick me, bite me, cum for me and send me off into ecstasy…that is what i expect from you. i know you can take me there baby…i know you can.

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