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Saturday April 14th 2007, 8:08 pm
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it is raining today. i thought the rain was over and instead it is a gift from nature to me. i love it. i love hearing it hit against the window. i have the front door open to take in the smell and hear it even better.

i plan on masturbating in this rain. i only wish i were outside to let it fall against my naked flesh and wash away the sins that ooze out of my pores. once the rain washes them away i will only let my pores ooze even more sin. such a vicious cycle. i think it is noticeable to others.

i don’t care.

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It’ll be raining here tomorrow. LOT’s of Rain.

(shoot! I may masturbate also.If I walk outside, the wind my blow me…

…uhh..down the street! ~~lol!)

Have a real good day, Gracie. @

res, i hope you enjoy that rain, i would.

thank you for stopping by.

Comment by Res 04.14.07 @ 10:21 pm

Thanks for walking my Gallery, btw.

So far, you’re my biggest fan!


i like what you have done. do you take the photos as well? i like your visions.

Comment by Res 04.14.07 @ 10:24 pm

I love the rain too. The smell of the pavement when it first gets wet. The sound of rain as it hits objects. All wonderful.

mmmmm yes, i love that fresh smell. god i want it to rain again. it is sunny today! *boo*

Comment by Mina 04.15.07 @ 8:30 am

I love the rain. Sex in the rain is fabulous. There is so much more going on for the senses. It’s only been snow here. Though I’ve had sex very near to in the snow as well… 🙂

i think snow would be numbing, but then again you are all and aroused. that has to be a tingly rush.

Comment by Chris 04.15.07 @ 6:09 pm

They have done studies that say that someone who thinks they’ve done something impure or illegal will wash their hands and end up feeling less guilty about it. It’s interesting to me how all of we deviants (myself very much included) love the idea of mixing our deviancy with the rain. I think it’s almost exactly the opposite. We feel no guilt whatsoever (nor should we) and like to exalt in it.

Comment by Tom 04.16.07 @ 5:26 am

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